Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Transit City Lives!!!

Toronto City Council voted 25 to 18 on TTC Chair Karen Stintz's motion affirming Council's intention to proceed with Metrolinx LRT plan - aka - Transit City.

(all images rebigulate on click)

In the first of what turned out to be three votes, Norm Kelly pushed the wrong button resulting in a 26-17 vote.

So Council agreed to re-open the vote so Kelly could finger the correct button. That's when councillor's Minnan-Wong and Thompson pushed the wrong button - resulting in a 27-16 vote.

Then they re-opened it again, and we got the correct tally, 25-18.

All images are screen shots of "Part 2 - February 8 2012 - Toronto City Council" via RogersTV-


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