Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waterfont Toronto must speed Development - 'Big Mall' backroom deal dead

" ..with a consolidated effort by progressives that targets Jaye Robinson, Michelle Berardinetti, Karen Stintz and John Parker's ward constituents - organizes those progressive majorities against the Core Service Review cuts - this nightmare mayoralty could turn to an enlightened spring by Christmas!"

Councillors Jaye Robinson, Michelle Berardinetti, Karen Stintz and John Parker, the Star says (Ford gives up goal of seizing Port Lands), we're ready to split ranks on the Waterfront Toronto / Biggest Shopping Mall Ever! issue.

The Mayor's Office reacted quickly, compromise happened and now the call out of City Hall tomorrow will apparently be:  'Hurry up the spending, let's get the Waterfront Toronto vision in place quicker!!'.

So we go from a neo-con power grab, an insider real estate deal - to a Keynesian Infrastructure spending program.

Way to go Councillor Paula Fletcher!

A great victory if this passes council. She got everything she could have hoped for - and found a way for the Fordites to save a little face too.

So, it turns out Doug and Rob Ford are secret bicycle riding, pinko-Communists - possibly closet gays? 


Tonight I'm checking out "#codeblueTO", the Twitter list tag that has evolved as an information clearing house on the Port Lands issue in Twitter. At 2:00 AM it was refreshing with 20 new hits every 5 minutes. Check it tomorrow as this news item hits the front porches and the broadcast morning news shows.

What this shows I think, is that this so called Mayor Ford City Council is really a centre dominated house of cards. On the Port Lands issue The Mayor's Office has chosen to fight one battle at a time - they've put out this fire with-in their ranks with this 'compromise'.

And the result is a complete victory for the process, and for the progressive agenda that is Waterfront Toronto - and Councillor Paula Fletcher who's Ward 30 includes the Port Lands.

The Ford brain-trust must consider that they will be lucky if the Core Services Review doesn't split them again. With out this 'step back' by The Mayor's Office the Core Service Review would be in danger. Cuts to services are more likely to pass with out a revolt because everyone's getting gored at the same time instead of everyone focused on one issue like The Portlands. The Core Service Review on the other hand, is about thousands of issues - perfect divide and rule ground for the Mayors Office and their corporate masters.. This is a likely scenario I think, and the strategic brillance of the Ford plan is that a raucous, divided council - each Councillor fighting to save services for their wards - would never find a common voice - and call the kettle black. The Mayor Office must hope that Council would never unite around the progessive idea that spending on infrastructure - with money already approved from the Federal and Provincial levels (for Transit City and the Port Lands) will increase the cities tax base and negate the on-going deficient problem. - with NO cuts in services.

You know - Keynesian economics, rather that neo-con slash and burn reactionary policies designed to appeal to the ignorant, guilt ridden, knee-jerk, first time electors who voted for this idiot.

My point being, with a consolidated effort by progressives that targets Jaye Robinson, Michelle Berardinetti, Karen Stintz and John Parker's ward constituents - organizes those progressive majorities against the Core Service Review cuts --- this nightmare mayoralty could turn to an enlightened spring by Christmas!

Ya think?. Are there other 'tippy' canoes out there?


Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Real Time Graphic of Micro Loans and Repayment Rendered on a Map of Earth.

$25.00 Kiva loan transactions. 620,000 lenders - 615,000 entrepreneurs, from 2005 to 2011

Big this up to full screen, sit back and prepare to be amazed!!

I'd like to see this kind of transparency in the general global economy.

Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance from Kiva on Vimeo.

Via 'Todd Tyrtle' at fb.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Minima III Baseball Scorecard - Build 4 (3 X 3 TEST)

This was originally published at one of my other blogs, the extra wide Blogger Baseball Scorecard. The image below shows the new scorecard's lay out in build 4, to experience the interactivity of the new coding you should go to the site.

Had to take a break from coding for a while - the last time I published on the Minima III Baseball Scorecard project was on July 7th 2011.

Publishing code inside of the Blogger Interface poses tricky problems - everything can be working perfectly when one checks one's work in one's browser - taking the code into Blogger creates some default issues that need to be solved.

Back on July 7th I presented a 2 row, by 2 column example of the Minima III Scorecard that inexplicably stretched the table at certain points. That has been fixed. As well, only Microsoft IE 9 and newer support the Base Icon buttons (if you're in an earlier MS browser you see "&" instead of diamonds).

I have been unable so far, to fix the way MS renders the green Field Icon over-top of the 2nd Base and 3rd Base text areas - despite 'z-index' attributes. As a stop-gap, I created space between each row of AB boxes to remind Internet Explorer users that they have to click above the 2nd Base and 3rd Base text areas to get a prompt cursor in them.

Image of the Minima III Baseball Scorecard example coding - rendered with the HTML5 compliant browser, Firefox 5. Via Blogger Baseball Scorecard

This coding is working great! All the sides of the diamond can be coloured 9 different ways via pop-up menu that open with a click on any of the 4 Bases.

Every space on the scorecard is live, ready for text. In all of the text areas, scroll bars open automatically when you create more lines than there is space for in each area - so you can write as much as you like. As many game-notes as you need - positioned where they belong, at the precise point in the time-line schematic where the action is happening!


Properties of the Minima III Baseball Scorecard

This article was originally published at my other blog, the Blogger Baseball Scorecard blog, on Thursday, July 7, 2011.

Updated: July 25th 2011

The Minima III Baseball Scorecard works in all Browsers. At my last post on this development ("Javascript Functions enable push-button colour notation Baseball Scorekeeping":, I had some troubles with Microsoft compatibility - those issues have been resolved. But now there is a new one, and with some sense of relief, I'm happy to report it's not particularly about Microsoft compatibility this time!.

A Screen-shot of the Minima example coding, rendered by an HTML5 compliant browser (Firefox5)

The Minima III Baseball Scorecard requires HTML5 compliant Browsers. The reason for this is that the little squares which indicate the Bases around the Infield icon diamond, are only available in HTML5. (Who'da-thunk - a simple box on it's ear - hither-to not in the HTML symbol list?) If your using an older Browser, the square renders instead as an "&" - the first character of the code that produces the symbol in HTML5 (⋄). The other characters are hidden by the container box I put around it. No worries, the "&" character functions as the button key, it just looks like crap.

Browsers that are HTML5 compliant are IE9, FireFox 5, Google Chrome 5. At this publishing I haven't found out whether Safari has an HTML5 Browser out yet, the Safari Browser that I downloaded last month, renders the Bases like IE8 does. I haven't checked out the Opera Browser yet.

Update: July 25th 2011
Apple released their Safari 5 Browser today, it supports the html5 90 degree corners diamond symbol.

For all you folks who haven't got the latest browser (especially you Microsoft patrons who need to BUY a new Operating System to run IE9), I've included a screen shot to the right of what the example scorecard looks like in an HTML5 compliant Browser (in this case, a free download, Firefox 5 Browser running on a MS-XP 2003 OS)

These Base icons - squares with 90 degree corners, rotated 45 degrees - are much more than just perfectly suited Base icons - they are the Buttons that make appear, pop-up Colour Scoring Menus. Each at-bat box has four Scoring Menus that open when a user clicks on the First Base, Second Base, Third Base or Home Plate icon. They are at the heart of this scorecard's 'Colour Scoring' functionality.

In the example lower right, in order to show the functionality of all the elements of the new scorecard, I've laied out 2 player's at-bat (AB) box rows, 2 innings long, their game stat tables, and a Team Pitching Table.

(mh - this blogis too narrow to accomadate even the 2 player by 2 inning example to see what I'm talking about head over to the extra-wide Blogger Baseball Scorecard Blog -, this article was originally published there.)

The reason for the abridged scorecard is that the complete Minima III Scorecard - for 2 Teams, 11 Innings wide, Box Score Table, Pitching Tables - is over 2.5 MB big. That's too large for Blogger, which has a 1 MB/post limit. So you won't see this scorecard used to score games here - The Minima III will require my own web site. (Or is there a free web site application that can handle it? I've noticed a few around - but I haven't done the research yet.)

Check out the functionality yourself!

When clicked, all the buttons make appear a pop-up menu. In the menu, click on any of the coloured words like "Out", for example - and the first base side of the infield icon turns red - indicating the batter is out at first. Change the colour by clicking on another word; close the menu with the "X" in the box, bottom right. Click on the teaxtarea box associated with the 1B side of the AB box and type in some baseball scoring notations - like FO7, for example (meaning the batter flied out to left field).

The empty, long, thin box - top left - is where one types in the Team name, right under that, the large rectangle is for the batter's position in the batting order, the player's name and fielding position.

The totals tables at the end of each row of AB boxes are fully functional textareas - there are 4 rows so you can total up possible substitutions AB's as well as the starting fielder's stats.

The Lower table has a space to type in the Team name, and a place for 6 Pitcher's names and stats. All the data boxes are live textareas.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Explained: The Gobal Economic Depression of 2012 - 2022

In 2008 NPR's 'This American Life' co-produced with NPR News a radio essay that breaks down the financial collapse of 2007/2008 called, "The Giant Pool of Money".

This one hour radio show - along with the large number of interviews I've embedded here (many from The Real News Network), under the label "Econmics" - is a good layman's guide to why you're likely to loose your pension, and perhaps even your house over the next few years of this continuing unregulated boom/bust, pirate economy.

Originally aired 05.09.2008 on This American Life.

"The Giant Pool of Money"