Saturday, February 21, 2015

US creating 'permanent war zone' around Russia: Analyst Joaquin Flores.

US creating 'permanent war zone' around Russia: Analyst Joaquin Flores.

Global Empire's Grand Game, strategic arc in Ukraine reveled. Joaquin Flores is a left-leaning analyst who his friends say has the gift of being able to synthesize complex systems quickly and precisely.


Globe and Mail's 'Globe Unlimited' hides content about Ukraine Civil War

While reading at 'The New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond' - an article about the misinformation that the popular media across the Empire are promulgating - I came across mention of a piece of writing by Mark MacKinnon entitled, What I’ve seen in the year since Yanukovych fled Ukraine.

A very different view of Kharkiv compared to the Foreign Policy article below was published several days ago in the national, daily newspaper in Canada, the Globe and Mail. Writing in the wake of the military debacle suffered by Ukraine’s armed forces and militias at Debaltseve, in Donetsk (Donbas) region, earlier this week and the deep disquiet and unrest which that event has unleashed, reporter Mark MacKinnon writes, “Today, Kharkiv and Odessa are more firmly in the Ukrainian fold than ever before in the country’s 24 years of modern independence. They’ve seen what Novorossiya means in Donetsk and Lugansk – war, accompanied by thugocracy – and they’ve rejected it… And the rest of the country is more proudly Ukrainian than it has ever been.”

When I tried the link, the G&M page throws up a pitch to buy the content - when one clicks the 'X' to close the pop-up, the page reloads away from the content to a front page that does not list the article in search.

Using the link at New Cold War ( I was able to reconstruct the title of the piece and use that Search for it ... at commonly owned CP24 they list the article - but under the title is the pay-wall announcement.


One news for those able to pay; and one news for those without means?

Sort of the opposite of the enlightenment that flowed out of the invention of the Printing Press - which freed information to all those who could read - and as well the opposite of what the inventors of the world wide web had in mind when they built the 21st Century's version of the printing press - the HTTP protocol.

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