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Identity in a MOST Dynamic World

We all begin our search for identity when we are approximately 2 years old. At about 45 years of age we stop that process and begin act upon the world as if our identity is fully formed; as if we are comfortable in our own skin - or put another way - as though we don't care what others think of us.

This last way of putting it is tricky - when said to another adult, they get it; but when said to young adults this way of putting it can create a false impression of the intended meaning.

It means that we are at peace with who we are - and can back it up with words and ideas. In my case for example, I know I'm a good person: I don't steal from people; I don't hurt people on purpose - and when I make mistakes I admit it to myself and to those who may have been effected by my error. And so on.

In this era of rapidly changing communications technology - and a rapidly changing democratic form of governance to one representing more and more the interests of a monopoly capitalist elite --- right now in the early stages of a change from a limited capitalist democracy (marked by an incessant and powerful pressure from a class-based private interest organized together organically by their common interest), to a system where the vestigial remnants of the institutions of democratic functioning take the place of actual democratic functioning - if fact a plutocracy --- reflections of ourselves from mass media have gone from nuclear war based fear (the Cold War) lies - to empire lies, imperialist lies, continuous war lies.

At the same time as this morphing from republic to empire is happening - how we get our news has shifted from one-flavour-for-all broadcast 11 O'clock News, to real time sharing of news (items often produced by those experiencing a newsworthy event) using ubiquitous world wide web connected devices we carry around with us every waking hour.

So the Millennials (young adults born after 1980 - coming of age at the turn of the century) are stuck between a rock and a hard place. As they strive through the process of creating identity they are all alone (although the 60's generation was aware of the coming change and attempted to stop it) no other generation in living memory has experience this kind of dynamic change.

They'll have to (and are) make it up as they go along.

One example of this is a series of short documentary videos taken by a couple who decided to end the lease on their apartment, sell everything they owned, and head out on the road in a van out-fitted for travel - on an Odyssey in which they would try to create a life without consumerism, without the rat race of large city grind; and work to build a sustainable lifestyle, rather than creating a lifestyle of work. ...

I give you, the 127 part video series, Shelby and Simon's first North American tour, "The Van Life".

Shelby and Simon - The Van Life (the trip: episode 1 to 127)

Aside from the unsustainable Eating Out too much (way too much) - and all the gas guzzling driving - these two are very cool (as they might put it). Thumbs up for a great big try.

Next Odyssey might be to go camp cook style, on bicycles.

Shelby and Simon Youtube Channel (playlists):

Channel Description
We're Shelby and Simon and our Youtube channel is mostly about our adventures living in a 1992 Dodge Ram camper van with our black lab Champ. We're two Canadian photographers taking the long road and trying to figure it all out.

Twitter: @shelbyandsimon
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Friday, April 1, 2016

Exiled MLB pitcher Bill Lee on Bernie Sanders:

Via Wicked Local Waltham - Needham, Massachusetts - October 14, 2015

At SouthCoast Business Expo, Bill 'Spaceman' Lee gets down to business — eventually

By Kevin P. O'Connor, Herald News Staff Reporter

Exiled MLB pitcher Bill Lee on Bernie Sanders:

He was asked how he thought his neighbor, Bernie Sanders, did in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate.

“This is going to be taped for the second Democratic debate,” he said. “I’m going against Hillary.”

Sanders, he said, is a hippie who migrated to Vermont in the 1960s and stayed.

“Bernie came up from New Jersey,” Lee said. “I guarantee he was hiding from something.

“When you are a Republican, you are born with really short arms. Sort of like a Tyrannosaurus rex. Your arms are too short to reach your pockets.”

He just called Hillary a dinosaur. :)


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quantum Probability Revisioned + Complex Fields + Entropy at what Time?

In the classic Double-slit Experiment light seems to behave both as a particle and as a wave.

A beam of light aimed at a barrier with two slits in it creates a pattern of light and dark bars on the screen behind it. In the GIF below one can see how the light passing through the two slits creates a wave interference pattern which results in the light and dark bar pattern on the screen (on the right).

GIF showing a mathematical function of two waves colliding, creating an interference pattern signature on the right hand side of the image.

If light was a particle (called photons) we would see just two bars, a conglomeration of specks on the recording surface - instead we see a long line of bars.

So - in the interference pattern created when one electron is fired at a series of slots is actually a field fired at the slots, and thus the electron's field passes through both slots.

So light must be a wave - right?

More proof of this is added when the same experiment is conducted using individual particles (electrons for example) - where only one particle is fired at a time, one at a time, over and over and over, at the barrier with two slits - amazingly the same interference pattern of light and dark bars eventually is created on the detector screen!

After watching one of those science specials where some Physicist tries to explain Quantum Physics, here's how I, just now, imagined a solution to the problem:
All particles have a degree of energy; thus a corresponding field. Thus one could say that particles are actually not particles - they are fields.

As the particle (and it's surrounding field) travels through the background frequency of the universe (or through the frequency of the light in the room where the experiment is occurring), the interaction of the two fields creates a resonance pattern which is a function of the interaction of the two fields; which creates a sympathetic resonance wave - which determines where the particle arrives on the observation plain (the detector screen).

Speed is a form of matter - in that it has energy. So, separate from (but integral to) the field created by the frequency of the electron, is the field created by the speed at which the electron is traveling.

[Speed is a dynamic quality - as any mass in motion loses speed over time (entropy) - thus the electron slows down over time; and thus - the field created by the particle changes; and thus - it's interaction with other fields it is passing through also has a dynamic quality. Thus the entire universe is a dynamic algorithm - an unknowable function (because we don't have enough information - the problem is too complex; we don't have the interments to measure the medium that will reveal the function).] 1

More interestingly, the field of the electron (based on it's vibration), is accompanied by another field associated with the speed of the electron created in the act of firing it. This 'temporal distance traveled field', plus the electron's 'vibration rate field', creates an complex field which, creates a functioning of two fields that creates a field of it's own (with-in the boundaries of the functioning fields) and determines the actual position of the electron with-in the functioning of the two fields. Then add the field associated with the medium through which the electron is fired - and you have an seemingly unpredictable path to the observation surface.

Thus the seemingly random position of the electron, and the probability calculations that is the basis of Quantum Probability.

Based on the decaying speed of the electron over time (which in itself is a temporally changing interference pattern)...and then the interaction of the frequency of that electron and the medium through which it is traveling - creates a interference pattern - which changes the direction of the electron. We thus have the seemingly improbable functioning of the nano-universe.

The model is correct over time - but not at one time; thus the probability equations that work in applied science.


I've been thinking about the nature of entropy for about  a year now, and I have created a thought experiment that concludes the continuing expansion of the universe is the 'finishing out' of the initial big bang. What we see on earth - and in the solar system - is an increasing complexity (not a simplification, a resolution down to the simplest form); so therefore, our micro-view of the explosion may be the function of the dissipation of the original explosive force (the snowflake algorithm - the fractal pattern of the explosion (our 'Rumsfeldian slice' 2 view of a temporal function - that has a life-span of 14 billion+ years).

1 Mediums that might reveal the function of waves are beginning to be understood now - see gravitational waves discovery - AAAS Science - Feb 2016 |

2"Rumsfeldian slice" describes perception within a rapidly changing complex function. See Rumsfeldian slice defined by current use in Twitter Channel "@kgcentral" description |


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