Friday, August 15, 2014

Times Like These; Orange Crush. 2 important narrative songs about our times

Admittedly - I have a sucky computer and an unstable internet connection - but it seems to me that Youtube is doing everything they can to block my music listening.

I will not pay for content, the ad model is the thing.

This guy has it - he pretends to play along with the sound track from REM's Orange Crush - but really, you aren't that stupid are you? The crappy splices are the first clue.

But what about the fact I can't just listen to the radio on the internet?

I'm serious - what the fuck?

This one - which is the quinquennial video for this song - won't play on Youtube today for me on this system (Windows 2000 on a wifi connection which I found in the gutter) - let's see if it plays on embed... .