Friday, October 21, 2016

World War Three is rolling out; How are people dealing with it?

  • Southern Europe, North Africa, The Middle East are on fire; 
  • The US and China are testing each others resolve in the South China Sea; 
  • New strategic alignments are separating the world into two camps: 
    • The US and her allies;
    • Everyone who won't bow down to it.

The world has never been closer to total destruction than it is right now.

How are people dealing with this fear that Corpse Media won't talk about?

The current global state of affairs:
  • The U.S. hawks ascendant in the US government;
  • Militarized Policing of peaceful protest;
  • NATO waging war in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East;
  • The Trump Campaigns has opened the Pandora's Box of racism:
  • Presumptive next President, Hillary Clinton Campaign, DNC, State Depatment's escalating Slavophobia.

Usually in times of great war, society deals with it by acting on their fear collectively:
  • City's install Air Raid sirens in neighbourhoods (on top of schools);
  • Practice air raid drills;
  • Community announcements telling people how to cope with air war (how to turn your basement into shelter).

As an historian - In this time of war and revolution (Anonymous - October Surprise) - at the same time - here are some lessons I gleaned so far:
  • Shit will happen everywhere and at a scale we're not used to;
  • Trust no Corporate Media source (with a tiny # of exceptions - this may change after heads come out of the sand);
  • Great Wars start gradually and expand until they encompass the globe - it's not like an end-time dystopian movie - battles can be raging 10km away, but in your neighbourhood, no one dies;
  • We need to talk about this - the propaganda is stifling; 
    • So let's try to loose the paranoia - caused by the lack of trusted sources (the demise of the 5th Estate - and by the current level of harassment trolling, quality of the food chain, too much caffine culture) by talking with our friends and neighbours - and their friends and neighbours;
    • Exponentially network your existing online network on this topic, to include anyone who can see the reality of what's going down / doesn't have their head in the sand.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Human caused global warming coastal flooding is definitely 'on'

Imagine the 'position' of the mouth a river - it's position is determined by the level of the body of water that it flows into - the higher the level of that body of water, the further inland - and upland - will be the mouth of that river.

Now consider a torrential rain in the catchment of that river. As the river floods it reaches it's historical high level much quicker because the river is actually higher at it's 'base' than it was before the level of the body of water that it flows into, rose.

Now consider the August 2016 1,000 year #laflood - and the topography of southern Louisiana - much of which is the delta of the ancient Mississippi River. The cities of New Orleans & Baton Rouge, are, for lack or a better word, 'over'.

An element missing in the linked article - a tour of recent American Atlantic Coast flooding - notes that sea level rise related flooding is less apparent in northern States - but the article does not comment further on this anomaly.

Missing is this likely cause:

Consider that the spinning of the planet creates a bubble in the ocean that rises in slope the closer you get to the equator - and that when one increases the amount of water in the ocean, the increase in the bubble's slope is not simply a lineal one - the increase in the rise of that slope will have an exponential character due to the functioning of the increase not only in the level of that water but also the weight of that water which is massing at the equator due to the spin of the planet.

Thus this 'canary in the coal mine' flooding in the southern states will slowly work it's way north, but long after it has 'disappeared' the coast line of the southern States that we know today.

That said --- ALL rivers find their level as a function of the bodies of water which they flow into - and increases in extreme weather events will create 1,000 year floods in all river basins that flow into the globe's oceans - including the St. Lawrence River - which will in turn, raise the level of Lake Ontario and the Niagara River all the way to the Niagara escarpment at Niagara Falls.

Take note Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton ... .

NYT - Sept 3, 2016
Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 a Global Warming 'turning point' as new normal becomes Thousand Year Events

A "thousand year event" means that --- according to the scientific data that we have accumulated over the past 200 years; plus a data base of all accounts of weather events that have been written down since writing was invented --- mathematicians have calculated a complex function that derives the probability that this or that weather event is likely to happen at this time and place. The result is a probability percentage.

Climate scientists use this formula to calculate the rarity (or not) of specific events by loading into this formula, weather data from the area in question over a specific period there ... and out pops the percentage chance of this sort of event happening there.

So in an event like that which happened in West Virginia June 23-24, 2016, it turned out to be likely to happen 0.001% (one, one thousandth) in any given year. So that adds up to the event probably happening once every thousand years. The percentage is predicated on the time spread of the data imputed (in the West Vierginia event described below, the meteorologist used a 30-year local data set spanning 1976 to 2006).

So ... as 1,000 year events happen more and more, climate scientists may be tempted to add data sets that include more recent data - and the algorithm will begin to pop out percentages that will reduce the improbability of these specific events happening - so this sort of events might slowly (based on what data set is used) become '500-year events'.

We have to be careful that we 'stay' the model at the point where this kind of weather started to become the new normal. And the new normal (for now) appears to be the kind of weather events that we're seeing this year - this year we have seen 3 of these 1000-year events in North America1,2,3 (so far).

I believe that Climate Scientists - starting now - should not feed current data points into the model to refine it's accuracy - keep using the pre-2016 data sets with regard to calculating the effects of global warming - because this is the Turning Point.

2016 is the turning point - the point at which the current record separates from the existing 'normal'.

This needs to be done so that over a person's life-time we will have a base-line from which to understand what is happening. So that in 20 years we will have within the popular zeitgeist, an understanding of the increase in 1,000-year events - and thus civilization as a whole - in the populist sense - will have the information to help them make informed choices (because we're obviously not making those kinds of choices now).

West Virginia 1000 year flood event - June 23-24, 2016
Via 2016/07/08 West Virginia 1000 year flood June 23-24 - 24 hour accumulation map by Charleston, WV Forecast Office meteorologist, Nick Webb |

Ellicott City 1000 year flood event - July 30, 2016
Baltimore Sun - 2016/07/31 | Ellicott City gets rainfall expected only once every millennium |

Louisiana 1000 year flood event - August 9-14, 2016


1 - 2016/07/08 | 'Thousand-year' downpour led to deadly West Virginia floods - by Tom DiLiberto |

2 Baltimore Sun - 2016/07/31 | Ellicott City gets rainfall expected only once every millennium |

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