Friday, August 31, 2007

Futher On The New Word: "Padumps"

In an earlier post on Etymology...

"New Word: "Padumps" (Pronounced, Pa - Dumps) The thingy's that go in your ears with the I-Pod system, that 'dump' content into your ears, padumps.

Vicki-Lynn, Toronto, August 26, 2007"

Since then, it has come to my attention that it is a term used in music, as exampled in this Google search result:

Boolean search: "padumps computer science"

1 Result:

[PDF] FSU’s new president—on the job
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degrees in computer science from. FSU and succeeded in their. careers. ..... “padump-padumps” and other sounds. imitating trombones and kettle drums. ... - Similar pages

From the article written by Mark Hinson on page 6 of the February/March issue of the FS-Times, reprinted from the original in the Tallahassee Democrat (my emphasis):

"Don't casually question Jim Croft
about the music of John Philip Sousa
(1854-1932) if you're expecting a quick,
easy answer of “yeah, he was OK when it
came to marches.”
Croft, a much-respected music professor
and the director of bands at Florida
State University, loves to talk about Sousa's
harmonic structure, “his judicious use of
contrast,” the “little hooks he throws in”
and the “diaphanous transparency and
dancelike quality” of certain marches.
If you'd like, he can sound out passages
of marches by sounding out the
music with lots of “hurrrrrumps” and
padump-padumps” and other sounds
imitating trombones and kettle drums."

This took about 5 minutes of work to land the hit -- along the thread of "beat".

The kicker to solving the puzzle was the algorithm, computer science.

As far as I understand, in the dictionary makers world, one more reference and it's a word!

Or maybe it already is... so the headphone usage is only new not the word.


(please excuse any cashed pages on the Internet with a 'bug' label)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Word: "Padumps"

New Word: "Padumps" (Pronounced, Pa - Dumps) The thingy's that go in your ears with the I-Pod system, that 'dump' content into your ears, padumps.

Vicki-Lynn, Toronto, August 26, 2007


Friday, August 24, 2007

Quebec Police Confirm SSP Protest Was Infiltrated By Agent Provocateurs

Besides the excellent citizen journalist piece on YouTube entitled -- "Stop SPP Protest - Union Leader stops provocateurs", other sources like and CP24 CHUM (my own eyes) are saying QPP are confirming the report that Quebec provincial police agents had infiltrated protesters.

Something tells me they're taking the fall for a more powerful force, like RCMP or CISIS.

From, the full article:

The Quebec provincial police acknowledged in a statement Thursday that their agents had infiltrated protesters demonstrating during the recent North American leaders summit in Montebello, Que. but denied that they acted as “agent provocateurs” to instigate violence.

“They had the mandate to spot and identify violent demonstrators to avoid the situation from getting out of hand,” the Surete du Quebec said in a statement. “The police officers were identified by demonstrators when they refused to throw projectiles.”

“At no time did the Surete du Quebec police officers act as agents provocateurs or committed criminal acts,” the statement adds.

A spokesperson for the police force refused to further comment on the statement.

Protesters have accused police of planting agents outside the Chateau Montebello to instigate violence during Monday’s demonstration.

A prominent labour official pointed Wednesday to video made available on YoutubeSurete du Quebec and RCMP riot squads.

The video shows the three black-clad bandana-wearing men being singled out by union organizers and the crowd. Other protesters started pointing at them and crying “police.”

One of the three men is seen shoving and swearing at Dave Coles, president of the Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers Union of Canada, who is angrily confronting the trio, demanding they put down the rocks, remove their bandanas, and identify themselves.

After being backed into a corner against a line of provincial police officers in riot gear, they try to force themselves through the police line and are arrested while the crowd cheers.

“People have the right to peacefully protest something they don’t like,” said ColesCharest.

“They think that they have the right to infiltrate us as they’ve done before. But to be packing large boulders, they were going to do something with those rocks and it wasn’t peaceful.”

© CanWest News Service 2007

Never thought I'd see that on TV ;)


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Personal Blog of Don McArthur

Back a few months back, I posted a comment at The Personal Blog of Don McArthur that he thought was 'snotty', he hence blocked my IP and every IP I've tried since (Canada?).

It's his right, but not, I think, in the spirit of the thing.

All my readers and Don's who may be wondering why I haven't been around there, should know.

This is what blogs are for in my opinion.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cosmology's 'Spinning Bucket' Problem

Explain this:

Hang a bucket from a rope, full of water -- spin the bucket until the water begins to spin with the bucket.

Why does the water become concave? The Water cups up the sides of the bucket, the travel, consistent with it's velocity.

Obviously, The friction of the spinning bucket imparts energy into the water and eventually the water achieves close to 100% of the velocity of the spinning bucket (minus heat).

But why does the spinning water crawl up the sides of the bucket? The water never goes faster than the spinning bucket. The energy required to raise the water up the sides against gravity must be tremendous. Where does the energy come from?

The answer is that the water, outside the influence of the proximate spin of the earth's mass, is spherical. Time/spin, 'flattens' mass and energy; the 'natural state' in the universe is the shapes we see in large masses, the sphere.

As energy is imparted over time, the water begins to assume it's own "gravity well", the spin is how we see the creation of a field, inside the rather weak, earth gravity well field.

This is a first hand example of how proximate fields interact. A clue to the voyager anomalies, and the distant red shift anomalies as well as the missing mass problem.

ScienceBlogs Cosmology Label link.

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