Friday, August 31, 2007

Futher On The New Word: "Padumps"

In an earlier post on Etymology...

"New Word: "Padumps" (Pronounced, Pa - Dumps) The thingy's that go in your ears with the I-Pod system, that 'dump' content into your ears, padumps.

Vicki-Lynn, Toronto, August 26, 2007"

Since then, it has come to my attention that it is a term used in music, as exampled in this Google search result:

Boolean search: "padumps computer science"

1 Result:

[PDF] FSU’s new president—on the job
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degrees in computer science from. FSU and succeeded in their. careers. ..... “padump-padumps” and other sounds. imitating trombones and kettle drums. ... - Similar pages

From the article written by Mark Hinson on page 6 of the February/March issue of the FS-Times, reprinted from the original in the Tallahassee Democrat (my emphasis):

"Don't casually question Jim Croft
about the music of John Philip Sousa
(1854-1932) if you're expecting a quick,
easy answer of “yeah, he was OK when it
came to marches.”
Croft, a much-respected music professor
and the director of bands at Florida
State University, loves to talk about Sousa's
harmonic structure, “his judicious use of
contrast,” the “little hooks he throws in”
and the “diaphanous transparency and
dancelike quality” of certain marches.
If you'd like, he can sound out passages
of marches by sounding out the
music with lots of “hurrrrrumps” and
padump-padumps” and other sounds
imitating trombones and kettle drums."

This took about 5 minutes of work to land the hit -- along the thread of "beat".

The kicker to solving the puzzle was the algorithm, computer science.

As far as I understand, in the dictionary makers world, one more reference and it's a word!

Or maybe it already is... so the headphone usage is only new not the word.


(please excuse any cashed pages on the Internet with a 'bug' label)

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