Monday, June 13, 2011

Minima II Baseball Scorecard AB Box with JavaScript ChangeStyle & getElementById functions

- change background colours via buttons in a pop-up menu

Try it yourself!

Below is the "Minima II" Blogger Baseball Scorecard at-bat (AB) box which has been made interactive with Javascript functions in the south-west quadrant (the 3rd base line). Each quadrant will get a button soon like the one just under the south-west side of the diamond infield icon. If you click on the 'B' button a menu appears to the right of the AB box - click on any of the scoring notations listed there and the colour along the 3rd base line changes to represent what happened on a play there.

Also, the pitching notation column (left), and each quadrant has a text area - try typing some scoring notations in them.

Unfortunately the JavaScript in my coding conflicts with the JavaScript in Blogger - so none of the buttons work in Blogger Compose. There may be a solution to this I don't know, if there is no work around this will be the first time in over a year of the development of this scorecard that I won't be able to use Blogger as a publisher - part of what makes the scorecard a "vox populi" project.

If there is no Blogger work around then this is the first step towards serving the Internet Scorecard to the web from a server - publishing it outside of Blogger. The result will a better interface - a full screen sized interactive scorecard, making it more accessible to folks who aren't Blogger experts - and who might want to give scoring live on the World Wide Web a try.

Click some buttons, write some notations - does this lay-out remind you of paper and pencil scoring? Feedback is appreciated.

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