Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Selling Fear

Here's a retort for those people who think that cars and gas stations are beautiful:

From XKDC webcomic.

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Could Quantum Mechanics be a Function of Gravity and Orbit/Spin?

Could Quantum probabilities be a function of gravity, spin, and orbit?

In this model the fabric that holds the universe together is the interaction of proximate inertia fields, rather than Einstein's space/time. Time is determinate to inertia fields, as is space/time.

In this model I propose that Gravity (mass) and orbit/spin (the inertial qualities of a mass in motion) should be understood to be instant in its effect over distance; and weakened by distance.

So, for example the various inertial fields effecting an atom in the CERN particle accelerator - starting with the weakest - would be:

  • the inertia of nearby galaxies,
  • the spin of the milky way,
  • the movements proximate stars,
  • the spin of the sun,
  • the spin of all the planets in our solar system,
  • the orbit of the moon,
  • the spin of the mass of the earth,
  • and so on.

The pulls of each acting at infinite speed, weakening proportionately over distance, and functioning over time.

Thus, quantum probabilities are a map of the effects of the billions of proximate fields tearing at the electromagnetic force at a subatomic level.


Without spin the world would not exist as we know it, all the matter would be shrunk down to a small dense ball.


(To be continued! Constructive criticism welcome.)