Sunday, May 31, 2015

Identity and Sexual Orientation within an Oppressive Construct

Liz Lemon, a character in the NBC sit-com 30 Rock, variously comments on the complexities of sexual identity as a woman in modern New York.

Liz is the main character in the play written by Tina Fye. Fye's allusions to conflicts with-in the Liz Lemon character - between male identity and female identity - are often and portent.

The most obvious so far (I'm at season 6) is the incident where Liz and her lover are role-playing roles in a joking manner, over a discussion about home decorating. At a certain point in play Liz mounts her boyfriend - and he reacts appropriately (with in the present cultural constructs of modern female oppression).

The scene ends awkwardly.

It is a comment I believe, on the narrow confines in which present sexual identity must reside in this society.

Females who want to be dominant in sexual contexts are not allowed: if they try they are dykes, sluts, or whores.

Men who want to be subservient (the 'normal' female position) in sexual contexts are fags, potential sexual predators, weirdos.

In the present day this has resulted in I believe, surgical and chemical re-sexing; and loneliness by a huge number of citizens - both female and male.

The solution: Talk about it Liz Lemon.

The scene referred to above starts off the top.

30 rock season 6 episode 18

(NBC wants you to wide screen and Ctrl + to view this at a certain level of civility.)


Friday, May 29, 2015

"Noddleing" - into Wikipedia?

Noddling - Not yet defined - Music - Latin -

1. act of oscillating between notes on an instrument which causes a psycho-active effect
2. effect of a complex literary device in poetry
3. absentminded repetitive action; a psychosis

Google Search: May 29 2015 - "noddle":

Item #4
noddle - definition of noddle by The Free Dictionary
(not a trusted source by any means)
[Middle English noddel, back of the head, perhaps from Latin nōdulus, lump, knob; see nodule.]

To this date, a search of all the terms mentioned by the site could not be corroborated via the

Note at a previous educational post about 30 Rock:


HA! - Best 30 Rock Episode EVER!

complex, stupid, noddleing *
- and ... twenty five words in front of the key words that widgets crawl to discover that people are watching, so that content owners can separate their business metric from their content as much as possible -

30 Rock Season 6 Episode 3 "Idiots Are People Three!"

Watch them all: (it may not appear at first)

Oh - and the music is sonic.

Thanks LizTina.

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