Monday, October 31, 2011

Can Dark Matter be the Energy Field created by the Orbiting of all Celestial Bodies?

"So then I imagined speeding up the orbits of all the solar systems' planets to that of orbit rates of elections around the nucleus of an atom. At that mathematical extrapolation is there a slow wave particle - an X-ray for example - that compares to the speed of a spacecraft? Then, if one compares the calculated pioneer anomaly diffraction to the diffraction of an X-ray hitting a particular atoms' orbital field - would they be similar?"

 I'm not an astrophysicist, or a mathematician. I'm an amateur cosmologist - I understand the standard model of the universe, Newtonian physics, Electromagnetic theory and Quantum theory; and I think I have a pretty good understanding of General Relativity. I keep up to date with the most recent theories and on the latest experiments being designed to test them - and I eagerly await the mathematicians and computer modeling experts pronouncements on what the new data means to the various theoretical models.

The mysterious dark matter that is necessary to complete a grand unified model of everything has been theorized to be subspace energy - an anti-universe, a harmonic resonance of the universe we experience. Other theories have attempted a way around the numbers that don't add up, by imagining 11 universes - the so called String Theory of everything.

I've always thought these were too complicated. Ockham's razor postulates that all things being equal, the simplest answer is probably the right one. Well, all of these theories are equal, in my opinion. They all attempt to unite our understanding of the subatomic universe, the electromagnetic universe and the the so called 'weak forces' governed by Newtons Laws of Gravity and the Laws of Thermodynamics with very complex conjectures, and bring into the calculation some unseen matter, force, or reality.

 So I started down this path with the question, 'What if we kept it simple?'

One thing that I've discovered in researching for this article is that there is very little known about the combined energy of the functioning of a solar system.

I asked myself, what is the total inertia (mass + vector) of all the planets and the sun of our solar system? It's not as easy a calculation as one might think. At first I thought - well you just calculate the mass of all the planets and their moons, and the sun, then add in the various speeds at which they travel around the sun - and the moons around their planets, and the orbit of the sun - and presto - the inertia of the solar system.

But then I started to consider the combined spins and orbits of all these masses:

  • One must measure the shearing forces in play in this increasingly complex calculation - what fields do these forces create.
  • What about the spin of each body and the different spin of the different layers in those planetary bodies? Some are gaseous bodies that have no 'solid' surface as we know solid here on earth - thus more complex spin and field characteristics. 
  • What measurements do we have of the complex machinations of the different density belts of those planets - the rings of Saturn for example? Each planet would all have different spins, and thus different field characteristics based on the relative densities. 
  • For example Earth's atmosphere has spheres of different densities - they all spin at different rates, and those different rates of spin also have interface zones that have yet more spin characteristics including eddies and counter eddies that create fields, and inter-field machinations that effect the whole. 
  • That's not even mentioning the magma under the crust of this planet that moves according to the spin of the whole and it's density. 
  • And now add in the atomic forces, and how they behave under different pressures which change the closer you measure to the centre of the planet - and effect greatly their spin characteristics. 
  • And what about the forces that come into play when all these bodies enter into the acute 'ends' of their elliptical orbits twice a year?
  • And do the interactions of this huge number of fields create harmonic fields?

A supercomputer would be needed to calculate all these vectors - but so, OK, now (theoretically) we have a number.

But what does it mean?

This question sent me to the Laws of Thermodynamics; 'Entropy' (laws 1 and 2) say that all systems will eventually lose all their entropy and move towards a stable state, as they do so they give off heat. So the solar system is - by the scale of the age of the universe - at a very low state of entropy. All through the life of this solar system - from gas clouds to the formation of solids and so on - the system as been giving off heat - as all thermodynamic systems do while they simplify down to their most stable state. Thus the temperature of the universe is a function of the continuing entropy of the universe. The entire mass of the universe was calculated, and a temperature that empty space should be at was determined - and tested - and found to be true.

But that very broad, macro-calculation is where we're at as far as this kind of calculation is concerned.

Can we do better?

NASA - artists' conception of the
Bow Wave of the Solar System
The Pioneer Anomaly brought to my attention the idea that - theoretically - the solar system has a Bow Wave. As the spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy thrusts this solar system through the matter of the universe (approximately 1 atom per cubic metre), the orbits of all the planets create a field that can move small, slow objects off their vector - diffract them. Just like an atom has a field around it created by orbiting electrons - that we can calculate by measuring the diffraction of  x-rays bounced off of it - so too perhaps will a larger system of orbiting bodies like our solar system, have a field which can be measured.

So then I imagined speeding up the orbits of all the solar systems' planets to that of orbit rates of elections around the nucleus of an atom. At that mathematical extrapolation is there a slow wave particle - an X-ray for example - that compares to the speed of a spacecraft? If this is so, if one compares the calculated pioneer anomaly diffraction to the diffraction of an X-ray hitting a particular atoms' orbital field - are they simailar?

If so that force calculation determines a particle wave that forms from orbiting, spinning bodies of any size - then that calculates the properties of a Higgs-boson particle.

CERN won't like this.

You do the math - I can't.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Everybody Loves @OccupyWallSt

Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello nails it:

Rage Against The Machine - Bullet In The Head - 1993



Thursday, October 13, 2011

OccupyToronto's 2nd General Assembly - Fun, Good-Natured, United

Attended OccupyToronto's 2nd General Assembly (GA) tonight at O.I.S.I.E.

Fun, good-natured, united - and we got a lot done! Five 'committees' reported: food donations have been sourced, medical teams are established, media and IT committees are active, the legal committee has found lots of lawyers for bail and such, and a parade marshals committee is in training to keep us all safe - including tactics to passively prevent violence by trouble-makers!

Screenshot of OccupyToronto's 2nd General Assembly at O.I.S.I.E. - 13/10/11

LIVESTREAM embed of OccupyToronto's 2nd General Assembly (13/10/11)

Watch live streaming video from occupytoronto at

We specifically had a vote on the peaceful, non-violent nature of this coming occupation - a resounding energetic both hands up jazz from everyone. On this we are absolutely as One. In this coming civil disobedience at the heart of the Canadian Financial sub-sulture, it is our lives we are putting on the line in two days time - and absolute non-violence is our only defense. On almost every other political tangent we remain respectively mute in a wonderful display of unity towards a real democracy from with-in this plutocracy we suddenly find ourselves aware of in this global economic crisis.

Made a shiver run up my spine.

Mass media out numbered Toronto Police Services - about 10 uniformed police there at 5:00PM - 3 bicycle police officers remained when I had to leave at 8:15 - making sure the sidewalk remained clear - traffic stuff.

About 300 organizers attended the last General Assembly meeting before @OccupyToronto starts - 10:00AM Saturday, October 15th - rallying at King and York. The logistics committee reported the location of occupation will be kept secret to avoid a possible disruption by the 1%.

The human amplifier - the practice of everyone repeating what a speaker is saying, one short sentence fragment at a time (invented at #OccupyWallStreet in New York because ordinances prohibit voice amplification with out a permit - which they weren't handing out), leads to a communal-ism that is catchy, joyous and Powerful. I had a great time - and even though I'm extremely shy, I found myself amplifying speakers when necessary - (you'll know when it's your sections' turn).

The Out Reach Committee reported that CUPW and CAW were messaging members to attend - and were sending demo stuff like a bus with sound gear and such. Everyone was ecstatic at the news. Good to see the Unions taking this gamble - the 1% media will be all over them if we can't keep this Gandhi-esque. But by the looks of it - from this old protesters point of view - this group is extremely dedicated to non-violent resistance to injustice.

After the GA, committees met around the O.I.S.I.E. parkette - also inside O.I.S.I.E., the legal committee and the Medic committee held classes. Later in the evening a Media education meeting was scheduled - but I couldn't stay. That's my baby - media :(  Catch the next one though.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Jeff Mangum plays #OcuppyWallSteet

@OcuppyToronto's 1st General Assembly Tonight - 07/10/2011

Upadate: 12/10/2011
@OccupyToronto 2nd General Assembly Thursday October 13th 2011 @ O.I.S.I.E. (map)

The Gothamist found Jeff Mangum on the streets of lower Manhattan playing for #OcuppyWallSteetNY protesters on Tuesday night (October 4 - Day 18) - globalrevolution's LiveStream (the 'Occupy' movement's TV channel) had him hooked to the planet.  

The next day was the student walk-out, and the day the Unions came out. The march attracted 50,000 people.

The next day Thursday, the number of 'Ocuppy' Cities listed on "Occupy Together" (the global site) jumped from 390 to 750. It's up to 837 at this posting.

Below the video is a map, details and links for OcuppyToronto.

Via The Gothamist - "Video: Surprise, Jeff Mangum Played Occupy Wall Street Last Night"

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

Song List:

1. Themselves (Minutemen cover) 2. Holland, 1945 3. Ghost 4. Song Against Sex 5. Two-Headed Boy pt. 2 6. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 7. King of Carrot Flowers pt. 1 8. Oh Comely

I wanna go to New York City - but I can't - so I'm going to OccupyToronto instead.

The protest movement against corporate greed and for democratic representation and a sustainable, and fair economic system starts at 10:00 AM Saturday, October 15, 2011.

This Friday (tonight) the movements first General Assembly happens - where the details of what will happen Saturday, October 15th will be decided democratically:

17:00 General Assembly
Fri, 7 October, 17:00 – 20:00
Berczy Park, Toronto ON.
(the triangle behind the Flat Iron Building - Church St. and Front St. E./Wellington St. E.)

View Larger Map

OccupyToronto on FaceBook is called, "Occupy Toronto Market Exchange".

@OccupyToronto on Twitter:!/occupytoronto

OccupyToronto Web:

Occupy Toronto Market Exchange - Events (at Facebook)