Thursday, October 13, 2011

OccupyToronto's 2nd General Assembly - Fun, Good-Natured, United

Attended OccupyToronto's 2nd General Assembly (GA) tonight at O.I.S.I.E.

Fun, good-natured, united - and we got a lot done! Five 'committees' reported: food donations have been sourced, medical teams are established, media and IT committees are active, the legal committee has found lots of lawyers for bail and such, and a parade marshals committee is in training to keep us all safe - including tactics to passively prevent violence by trouble-makers!

Screenshot of OccupyToronto's 2nd General Assembly at O.I.S.I.E. - 13/10/11

LIVESTREAM embed of OccupyToronto's 2nd General Assembly (13/10/11)

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We specifically had a vote on the peaceful, non-violent nature of this coming occupation - a resounding energetic both hands up jazz from everyone. On this we are absolutely as One. In this coming civil disobedience at the heart of the Canadian Financial sub-sulture, it is our lives we are putting on the line in two days time - and absolute non-violence is our only defense. On almost every other political tangent we remain respectively mute in a wonderful display of unity towards a real democracy from with-in this plutocracy we suddenly find ourselves aware of in this global economic crisis.

Made a shiver run up my spine.

Mass media out numbered Toronto Police Services - about 10 uniformed police there at 5:00PM - 3 bicycle police officers remained when I had to leave at 8:15 - making sure the sidewalk remained clear - traffic stuff.

About 300 organizers attended the last General Assembly meeting before @OccupyToronto starts - 10:00AM Saturday, October 15th - rallying at King and York. The logistics committee reported the location of occupation will be kept secret to avoid a possible disruption by the 1%.

The human amplifier - the practice of everyone repeating what a speaker is saying, one short sentence fragment at a time (invented at #OccupyWallStreet in New York because ordinances prohibit voice amplification with out a permit - which they weren't handing out), leads to a communal-ism that is catchy, joyous and Powerful. I had a great time - and even though I'm extremely shy, I found myself amplifying speakers when necessary - (you'll know when it's your sections' turn).

The Out Reach Committee reported that CUPW and CAW were messaging members to attend - and were sending demo stuff like a bus with sound gear and such. Everyone was ecstatic at the news. Good to see the Unions taking this gamble - the 1% media will be all over them if we can't keep this Gandhi-esque. But by the looks of it - from this old protesters point of view - this group is extremely dedicated to non-violent resistance to injustice.

After the GA, committees met around the O.I.S.I.E. parkette - also inside O.I.S.I.E., the legal committee and the Medic committee held classes. Later in the evening a Media education meeting was scheduled - but I couldn't stay. That's my baby - media :(  Catch the next one though.



  1. Renting a car and coming in from out of town tomorrow, Michael. Going to be a tight squeeze to get there for 10am. Could you do me a favour and suggest local parking options?

  2. Nice widget I searched. I typed in "1 King West" and got the result at the link. This is City of Toronto Parking Authority lots. Ther ar lots of private lots like o Church St. below King East is one I happen to remember. A 10 minute walk to King West and Bay Street.

  3. Thank you, sir - I appreciate the info and I'll be there tomorrow. In solidarity, -D

  4. Dream World. The "Movement" is already co-opted. Further, as long as the Occupy "Movement" embraces religions then it is failed. Completely and utterly failed. End of story. Waste of time to continue. Bunch of little children as far as I can tell. Not a courageous one among them. When violence is perpetrated against one, you stop it, like bullies, you stop them. You don't act like little girls and cry, which is what the so called "Movement" is. A bunch of little children afraid to take the real hits needed for change. This is all smoke and mirrors for the dumbed down. I'm not buying it. You're pawns of the fascists.

  5. Don't write about it, stand in the way of an injustice alone, if you don't like organizations.

  6. Wow, it's obvious you weren't there, Anon. Do yourself a favour and take some time out of your day if you're local, and check it out. You might be surprised at the level of intellectual discourse, discussion, and debate that is going on right now in St. James Park.

    I attended yesterday, and couldn't help but be very impressed by the nature of the movement and the organization of which considering there is no leader, and all is done by consensus. Instead of reading the news, which usually gets it wrong and applies it's spin, why don't you increase the grasp of your 'as far as I can tell' and educate yourself with the direct experience. You may be surprised to find there is no religion directly associated with it, and in fact that it's not so much protest as an attempt to positively find solutions. This isn't simple complaining, it's an attempt at a paradigm shift away from 'me' thinking to 'we' thinking - and it's brimming with a new hope.