Friday, July 29, 2016

DVP Floods Again ... and so did my basement apartment

As soon as they built the fun hill at Corktown Common, the DVP started flooding after every torrential rain.

Dundas from the east side of the Don Valley looking south (camera swivels, so sometimes shows north view)
[07/31/2016 - Correction from an earlier edit where-in I mistakenly wrote that this feed was not being managed well]

That's because the flood plain at the bottom of the man-made canal used to egress southwest. Now it doesn't have the room.

But why do we have torrential rains all the time now?

Climate Change?

NO! - Say it ain't so!

It is so.

The City of Toronto has not addressed the issue - they minimize and obfuscate.

The last time this hit the media, sources idea-ed that we raise the DVP ... but that would make the maximum high crest higher than it is now!

The issue is - stop draining our streets into the f*king valley!

(Oh ... but that means we're going to have to change!)