Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm Being Evicted - for doing the Right

"..used his power of place and precept to limit by distortion the lawful rights of individuals in his building at every turn.."

Since the bedbug infestation in my house became a Foundation-to-Attic infestation in the summer of 2013, I began to organize my room-mates to get it taken care of properly.

I rocked the boat...

..And now I'm being evicted in the only way a rooming house operator can evict a tenant - to claim that the owner is moving into the unit that I occupy.

This is disingenuous to say the least.

The owner of the building I have lived in for 4 years lives in a very nice semi-detached home in Scarborough.

I have been a model tenant. I have not once been late on rent - and including doing maintenance work for the him for no charge, and on an ongoing basis (that he is labial under the landlord tenant law to do himself) has on the other hand, constantly played the edges of the law and used his power of place and precept to limit by distortion the lawful rights of individuals in his building at every turn

To correct the cultural standing of the rule of law in this regard - and to create a livable space for myself going forward - I organized the tenants on the upper floors of my dwelling (I could not effectively organize the lower floors for various reasons) - I forced the slum-lord to put into effect a whole-house treatment protocol based on the City of Toronto, Public Health, Bedbug Initiative best practices web pages at the City of Toronto website - by simply calling Toronto Public Health and asking them to do an inspection of the upper floors (which I had all tenants on the upper floors buy into before proceeding).

The result is - last Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - the entire building, from Attic Dormer to the landlord's Basement Apartment, was treated for bedbugs as per the protocols at the City of Toronto website, by ORKIN pest control management company - the premier pest control agency in the city.

This was step one in a process that along with sociological intervention, will likely result after several treatments, in an eradication of the infestation - or at least - one more step towards and effective control regime that could be adopted by Toronto Public Health - and then ratified by Toronto to City Council - in their wisdom based on those scientific understandings.

I will take these evil-doer's to the extreme - for the Commons.