Friday, January 16, 2009

A pothole on the corner

"If the big guy had swung in the state he was in, the fist woulda gone right through."

It's Halloween, you can feel it in the air. As it should be but seldom is, dressing up and expressing yourself is all the rage but somehow, it has an extreme quality this year. It's not just November with winter coming - it's more like a common psychosis.

I'm standing point at my front window hoping I don't hear what I fear is coming, the SMACK, flesh on flesh. If the big guy had swung in the state he was in, his fist would've gone right through. I was standing by the front door, thinking if I could stop the fist - arrive just in time like superman and freeze frame the fist with super speed - and nullify the rage.

I heard him say later. "Man, the big guy can ACT, I guess he must have gotten ripped off."

The next day I heard the big guy had been so mad he punched the road instead of the head.

At the corner I saw there was a big pothole in the road.

It wasn't there yesterday.