Monday, May 22, 2006

The Great Barry Bonds

Now that Comissioner Selig, Congress and the Attourney General are on his case, Bonds gives interview and press conferance. But he reserves the right to comment on the trick.

Which is interesting.

Imagine your in Barrys' shoes, a super star. Half the media in the room are there because the other half are there. Piranha. The flotsam and jetsam of a over-weight ship of fools.

"Next question. Because that's stupid." Bonds then turns to the reporter standing 'right next to him, "How are you?" he asks. The Reporter doesn't respond to his question, instead ignores it and starts in with her own question. Bonds interupts, "That's it, end of press conferance, bye."

Bonds chooses to make comment upon the circus; but I Dream that one day the Prince would turn the tables on his pimps...

The guilty (but not guilty) Prince, forced by his King to do good deeds amoungst the fithy masses and the ink stained wretches. An ordeal he lessens by telling the gathered throng secrets from with-in the castle.)

"Barry! Barry! United Press, what's the REAL truth Barry"

'Well... the Owners were comlpicit in the steroid scandal; They juiced the ball,the prince continues, some Pitcher god fobid is going to take one in the head; they brought in the fences for the spectical of the home run - they dumbed-down the game. They conspired to bankrupt the Montreal Expos franchise, one of their own, for profit. They're liars, they,re ingenuous, greedy, and moraly bankrupt. Not only that but perhaps they're most aggregess act, the institution of the DH.'

If he would do that, Barry Bonds would be my hero.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baseballs' like... ..well it's not like Hockey

Coverage of the Blue Jays victory over Anehiem late last night by broadcast media here in Toronto missed the main theme.

In my opinion, Pitching was the story in this 3-0 contest.

The news I got from the suposedly specialized sports radio station, The Fan, Toronto, was that Greg Zaun hit a homey, and that Roy Haliday is pitching the next game. Same from the sports 'specialist' on CBC.

Anehiem scored 0 runs?! In the extra-juiced era(2006-balko is over)? Blue Jays shut out somebody?! The #5 guy pitched a shut-out?! Who?! Sign him to a long term contract - who-ever he is, what ever it takes!!

Baseball's like... ..well it's not like Hockey. Which is lineal. back and forth, sometimes they score. So what linial things can be derived from a pitchers duel? lets see, Oh ya; Greg Zaun hit a Homey and Roy Haliday is pitching the next one.

And there were no fights.

-itn: Anahiem, Wednesday, May 17,'06

Casey Janssen pitched a two hitter over eight innings on 88 pitches and no walks here tonight in Anehiem. Shock and awe; shock at the rookies' second such performance against these Angels, and "awe, we couldn't score" the losers said.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

If 'Spin' is Dark Matter...can we tell what time it is?

Theorists(see)can't find half the matter they need to account for the activities we can see, with-in the Gravity Model. I personally don't believe in gravity in the usual sence. I think we are held in place as we are, by a matrices of wavepatterns, a functioning of all the planets etal., like an invisable transmission, each planet rotating with-in complex electro-magnetic relationship with all the others.

I say the missing matter simply put, is 'spin'.
So...Gasses, slowly rotating around a center point, from a distance they seem to be collapsing, but backwards, like a spring coiling. Take a closer look, the gasses are eddying into smaller little-galaxies, seperate relativly to the influence of the whole.
Counter-spinning matrices in relative functioning with their opposits. This bi-polar functioning of opposites causes the 'collapse' of the galaxy.

I say, when the galaxey is young and all spead out, it contains almost entirly, 'light' matter. As it ages, or 'eddifies' it turns more and more of that into 'dark' matter. Our Solar System is getting old, as one eddy in the milky way; while the milky way as we can see is all spread out, or young, from it's point of view. Our sun will eventually swallow all the planets and the next stage in the collapse of this piece of the universe will have begun.

Question: What is the rate of decay of light matter into dark matter?

We need to know;

Volume of all the matter in question,
or Spread of the young galaxey
Time elapsed.
The 'Chunkyness' of the matter.
and the total Mass.

So the mass of the galaxy equals: light matter(visable stars gases and matter we can deduce is there by the functioning of the things we can see) + dark matter(the energy contained with-in the chunks of stable stuff, usually spinning or in orbit or both).

The time elapsed around here is 4 billion years.

... .

Monday, May 15, 2006

Gaia is a Spinning Top...

The earth can be seen as a rotating hunk of rock, water and ice populated with an abundance of life forms. This view lineally categorizes things; Rocks are dead things, ever unchanging; All living things were put here by someone or something, and we the pinnacle of that life. With our consciousness we are special, part of a mysterious uber-plan, a plan to be revealed to us by a higher consciousness, a teacher, or parent type figure. Some wait fearfully for judgment day, or for 'when your father gets home'.

This is a psychosis caused by a crux of too little information - and too much information. An inability to see a non-lineal functioning of things we have recently perceived.

What if that uber-plan was just the on-going functioning of things that we are experiencing? Perhaps the lesson the universe is trying to teach us is this one: that we are connected to the life breath of the entire universe, our consciousness of this merely the next step in the evolution of the stars.

As much as we'd wish it wasn't true, we're all alone in this universe, with only the laws of nature, the grand unified theory to support us - like a kid leaving home, only their faith in community - taught to them by thier community to guide them.