Monday, May 15, 2006

Gaia is a Spinning Top...

The earth can be seen as a rotating hunk of rock, water and ice populated with an abundance of life forms. This view lineally categorizes things; Rocks are dead things, ever unchanging; All living things were put here by someone or something, and we the pinnacle of that life. With our consciousness we are special, part of a mysterious uber-plan, a plan to be revealed to us by a higher consciousness, a teacher, or parent type figure. Some wait fearfully for judgment day, or for 'when your father gets home'.

This is a psychosis caused by a crux of too little information - and too much information. An inability to see a non-lineal functioning of things we have recently perceived.

What if that uber-plan was just the on-going functioning of things that we are experiencing? Perhaps the lesson the universe is trying to teach us is this one: that we are connected to the life breath of the entire universe, our consciousness of this merely the next step in the evolution of the stars.

As much as we'd wish it wasn't true, we're all alone in this universe, with only the laws of nature, the grand unified theory to support us - like a kid leaving home, only their faith in community - taught to them by thier community to guide them.

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