Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baseballs' like... ..well it's not like Hockey

Coverage of the Blue Jays victory over Anehiem late last night by broadcast media here in Toronto missed the main theme.

In my opinion, Pitching was the story in this 3-0 contest.

The news I got from the suposedly specialized sports radio station, The Fan, Toronto, was that Greg Zaun hit a homey, and that Roy Haliday is pitching the next game. Same from the sports 'specialist' on CBC.

Anehiem scored 0 runs?! In the extra-juiced era(2006-balko is over)? Blue Jays shut out somebody?! The #5 guy pitched a shut-out?! Who?! Sign him to a long term contract - who-ever he is, what ever it takes!!

Baseball's like... ..well it's not like Hockey. Which is lineal. back and forth, sometimes they score. So what linial things can be derived from a pitchers duel? lets see, Oh ya; Greg Zaun hit a Homey and Roy Haliday is pitching the next one.

And there were no fights.

-itn: Anahiem, Wednesday, May 17,'06

Casey Janssen pitched a two hitter over eight innings on 88 pitches and no walks here tonight in Anehiem. Shock and awe; shock at the rookies' second such performance against these Angels, and "awe, we couldn't score" the losers said.

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