Monday, May 22, 2006

The Great Barry Bonds

Now that Comissioner Selig, Congress and the Attourney General are on his case, Bonds gives interview and press conferance. But he reserves the right to comment on the trick.

Which is interesting.

Imagine your in Barrys' shoes, a super star. Half the media in the room are there because the other half are there. Piranha. The flotsam and jetsam of a over-weight ship of fools.

"Next question. Because that's stupid." Bonds then turns to the reporter standing 'right next to him, "How are you?" he asks. The Reporter doesn't respond to his question, instead ignores it and starts in with her own question. Bonds interupts, "That's it, end of press conferance, bye."

Bonds chooses to make comment upon the circus; but I Dream that one day the Prince would turn the tables on his pimps...

The guilty (but not guilty) Prince, forced by his King to do good deeds amoungst the fithy masses and the ink stained wretches. An ordeal he lessens by telling the gathered throng secrets from with-in the castle.)

"Barry! Barry! United Press, what's the REAL truth Barry"

'Well... the Owners were comlpicit in the steroid scandal; They juiced the ball,the prince continues, some Pitcher god fobid is going to take one in the head; they brought in the fences for the spectical of the home run - they dumbed-down the game. They conspired to bankrupt the Montreal Expos franchise, one of their own, for profit. They're liars, they,re ingenuous, greedy, and moraly bankrupt. Not only that but perhaps they're most aggregess act, the institution of the DH.'

If he would do that, Barry Bonds would be my hero.

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