Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Increasing Symmetry Between Science and Religion

What we're seeing happening right in front of us, is Wonderful. And scarey.

The WWW is creating advance in science and technology in a multi-expodential fashion, and at an ever quickening pace. Like a petre dish growing bacteria, now faster.

So all diciplines of knowledge are exploding, but not only that. The inter-connectivity of it all, is creating a super-consciousness, an awareness of the whole, AND the Process.

A grand unified post-modernism approaches.

The same riskes apply as in the industral revolution, the thing must be grown with as much forsight as we can provide. The task seems monumental, god like.

We Know we don't know more now than we know, right now, but know we will soon know more and perhaps at one point more than we don't know. We have a map and the scale is astonishing. Science now must believe we will never know everything, we have "proof" of that now - at least as a thought experiment.

Entre spiritual affairs.

..Just a thought.

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