Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cosmology's 'Spinning Bucket' Problem

Explain this:

Hang a bucket from a rope, full of water -- spin the bucket until the water begins to spin with the bucket.

Why does the water become concave? The Water cups up the sides of the bucket, the travel, consistent with it's velocity.

Obviously, The friction of the spinning bucket imparts energy into the water and eventually the water achieves close to 100% of the velocity of the spinning bucket (minus heat).

But why does the spinning water crawl up the sides of the bucket? The water never goes faster than the spinning bucket. The energy required to raise the water up the sides against gravity must be tremendous. Where does the energy come from?

The answer is that the water, outside the influence of the proximate spin of the earth's mass, is spherical. Time/spin, 'flattens' mass and energy; the 'natural state' in the universe is the shapes we see in large masses, the sphere.

As energy is imparted over time, the water begins to assume it's own "gravity well", the spin is how we see the creation of a field, inside the rather weak, earth gravity well field.

This is a first hand example of how proximate fields interact. A clue to the voyager anomalies, and the distant red shift anomalies as well as the missing mass problem.

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