Sunday, September 4, 2011

Minima III Baseball Scorecard - Build 4 (3 X 3 TEST)

This was originally published at one of my other blogs, the extra wide Blogger Baseball Scorecard. The image below shows the new scorecard's lay out in build 4, to experience the interactivity of the new coding you should go to the site.

Had to take a break from coding for a while - the last time I published on the Minima III Baseball Scorecard project was on July 7th 2011.

Publishing code inside of the Blogger Interface poses tricky problems - everything can be working perfectly when one checks one's work in one's browser - taking the code into Blogger creates some default issues that need to be solved.

Back on July 7th I presented a 2 row, by 2 column example of the Minima III Scorecard that inexplicably stretched the table at certain points. That has been fixed. As well, only Microsoft IE 9 and newer support the Base Icon buttons (if you're in an earlier MS browser you see "&" instead of diamonds).

I have been unable so far, to fix the way MS renders the green Field Icon over-top of the 2nd Base and 3rd Base text areas - despite 'z-index' attributes. As a stop-gap, I created space between each row of AB boxes to remind Internet Explorer users that they have to click above the 2nd Base and 3rd Base text areas to get a prompt cursor in them.

Image of the Minima III Baseball Scorecard example coding - rendered with the HTML5 compliant browser, Firefox 5. Via Blogger Baseball Scorecard

This coding is working great! All the sides of the diamond can be coloured 9 different ways via pop-up menu that open with a click on any of the 4 Bases.

Every space on the scorecard is live, ready for text. In all of the text areas, scroll bars open automatically when you create more lines than there is space for in each area - so you can write as much as you like. As many game-notes as you need - positioned where they belong, at the precise point in the time-line schematic where the action is happening!


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