Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rick Mercer rants: You wanna peek Vic? Get a Warrant!

"The State has no business in the harddrives of the nation."

Conservative Federal Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews wants to 'peek' at your Hard Drive. He says that Bill C-30 is just a "phone book" of the internet - but really it's more like a finger print - a finger print that tracks what you say to your friends, what you buy, where you go, what you think - and all of this as the default - with out a warrant!

Vic Toews says police will have to 'report' when they access this information.

To who? Minister Towes, To WHO will Police Report?!


That is the essence of this whole thing, you stupefying, condescending, duplicitous, hack.

And we know you know better! Even when you lump all Canadians in with the sick, a-social deviants police can already put in jail for looking at pictures - we still know - you must know better than you're letting on.

The freedoms we experience in this country exist not because of enlightened Governments, or enlightened Ministers doing enlightened things --- it's because Governments, and Ministries, and Police, and Bureaucracies are ACCOUNTABLE TO THE LAW!!!

Rick Mercer sayz: "You wanna peek Vic? Get a Warrant!"

Rick's Rant for February 21, 2012

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