Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Open Letter to Reg Hartt

I meet Reg Hartt once when I was living on Bathurst, just a couple of doors down. I had just come out of a severe depression that had me in bed for a month, in a year that was a series of severe depressions.

We sat on his front stoop on a bright sunny day in spring and talked. He was very helpful and I appreciate his honesty and wise words.

Thanks Reg.

Today I came across Reg Hartt's Cineforum website through a Facebook post by "Sunny D" at TOBMA (the Toronto Bike Messengers Union) about Dr. Jamie, who's seems to be replacing Igor Kenk as the neighbourhood's stolen-bike Bike Store entrepreneur (but not with Igor Kenk's talent, who was a master bike mechanic).
(see video -; and the article at Cineforum - doesn't seem to have a link with contact info; and all comments on articles he puts up there are closed. So just a little feed back at this place - so maybe Reg can make his website look a little better.

Reg Hartt,

First off the colour design is great; I really like the look of the website generally...

(image rebigulates on click)

.. it's just that all the posters are posted at original size, which is great if you open them up in a new tab ... but because they aren't re-sized to fit the main column of the blog, only a third, or a fifth or whaatever end up showing - it's a little confusing at first. 
There is a way to size large posters to fit a blogs main column - and still have them render at original size 'on click'.

inside the "a" tag add href="link to original image"
inside the "img" tag add height="(numbers)" and width="(numbers)"

As well, the great descriptions written for each days showings on the Calendar (under schedule -, disappear under the right sidebar.

This month for example (see image above) the link to Thursday the 9th of Feburary is just visible - and the next date you can click on is the 12th - the Sunday - the schedule runs off to the right hiding most of Thursday, all of Friday and all of Saturday.
I looked at the page source for the calendar, the schedule is a table - so I looked at the CSS for the table elements (page source, line 22 "events-manager-css" In the CSS column dimensions are specified under "div.em-calendar-wrapper" (line 329) and those are set to "100%" - which is good, usually - but the coding appears to allow the columns to get wider when text is added. For example, under January 30, a typo has created a series of letters without a break - "-05:00HORSEFEATHERS" - and this has widened the 2nd column for February. Fixing the typo would only make more of Thursday visible - the table would still be too wide for the blog. 
Setting a width for all the table's columns would fix this - or - you could widen the width of the blog.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions, email me:   michaelholloway111(at)gmail(dot)com

Michael Holloway


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