Monday, February 27, 2012

Hair Cut for Me

Gave myself the obligatory every-six-months hair cut today (should I stop doing that?) - and since I'm on about the camera lately - I thought I'd take a picture of me taking a picture of me in front of my Brand "FilterBlogs" --- where me posts such things if me is so inclined. :)

Lately with the camera (Samsung ES25):

An article with accompanying video @Blog_FreeWheel - "Leslieville, a Grand Gateway to the green and wild places on the Great Lake Ontario" -
Saturday 25 Feburary 2012 @ 4pm - My first mobile video - featuring an over exposed bicycle ride down Leslie Street with scary buses; stop lights that won't turn because the weight pads aren't sensitive enough for the mass of a bike; and gusting winds at about 60 kph - holding the camera in one hand and trying to bike in traffic - not advised, and likely illegal.

"Just your typical Bike Ride in Toronto on a Saturday afternoon in February"

An article with accompanying video @Blog_FreeWheel - "If everyday was a Sunday in February – we wouldn’t need Bike Lanes on Leslie Street"
Sunday 26 Feburary 2012 @ 2pm - Mobile video of the same ride, this time with the exposure set properly - and I find a way to mount the camera to my head --- I'm  calling it "The Toque-Cam" ! 

"If everyday was a Sunday in February - we wouldn't need Bike Lanes on Leslie Street"

Both articles were written at Youtube in the 'Description' box (as far as I know, a new use of the application) - and then cross-posted to @Blog_FreeWheel -  my Blog.


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