Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Occupy February!

"February is AMAZING!"
Posted at Occupy TO Outreach - by Laine - https://groups.google.com/group/occupyoutreach/browse_thread/thread/b3ac71872945b654?hl=en

I was looking at the calendar and realized that there are some amazing events coming up. But since so many emails come in people might not have an opportunity to see them all!

So, I thought I would send an email with a list of some of the things coming up this month (and if you are interested in them go to the calendar for more information). This is really just a small selection of what is going on this month- There are a lot of other great events going on as well:

February 9 - Community Activist Panel on Bill C-323 (7pm)
February 10 - CCUPY WAHC (7pm Hamilton)
February 11- World Peas Expo!!!!!
February 14- 7th Annual Rally for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women
February 16- Stop Canada’s Environmental Injustice– Building for the Future – A Conversation among movement activists (7pm)
February 17- The Police: why they do what they do and how to be prepared for it (7pm)
February 18 - Meet ‘Earth’s Lawyer’- Polly Higgins- Potluck to follow (4pm)
February 18- Occupy Toronto - Street Medic Training (1pm)
February 23 - Public Forum Eroding Democracy & Sovereignty: Corporate Trade, Investment, Free Trade Agreements & Resource Extraction in the Americas (7pm)
February 25- From Occupy to the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement - A Discussion on Organizing (5:30)
February 25- Occupy, Protest, Resist: Law Union of Ontario Conference 2012
February 27 - Occupy Our Food Supply! (Global day of action!)
February 27- Indoor space for GA at Ryerson University (7pm)

For location and times go to the calendar... - http://occupyto.org/calendar/

Please copy and paste this handy list into social spaces and share far and wide - and spread the word! :)


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