Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Costa Concordia: Divers find more bodies on capsized Mega Ship

Eight more bodies have been found by divers inside capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship.
The telegraph UK Rome reporter, Nick Squires writes the bodies were discovered in two separate locations on the submerged, forth deck of the Mega Ship. Four bodies were discovered in the morning, and another four in the afternoon, as divers make their way deeper and deeper into the ship a month and a half after the sinking.

Nick Squires write that the bodies were discovered on the forth deck which I assume is the forth deck above the bottom of the boat, known as the "Grecia" deck - forth from the bottom.

The discoveries - reported February 22, 2012 - brings to 25 the number of bodies found on the sunken luxury liner - 7 people are still missing.

Diver exploring a stairwell of the Costa Concordia. Picture from The -

Picture from The - "Five-year-old girl among eight bodies found on Costa Concordia"
By Nick Squires - Rome
22 Feb 2012


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