Friday, February 17, 2012

President Barak Obama's 'high efficiency economy' is here

- it's just not very evenly distributed yet.

Remember when Presidential candidate Barak Obama talked about rebootng the economy using investment in a high efficiency economy?

Here it is - the beginning of a new age manufacturing.

The visualization technology is as amazing as the micro-tehnology manufacturing process itself - the two go hand in hand, if we can visualize it, most times we can build it as well.

Via: Simon Hicks on Google+ -
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Via: MicroroboticsLab Channel on Youtube -

Monolithic Fabrication of Millimeter-scale Machines
P. S. Sreetharan, J. P. Whitney, M. D. Strauss, and R. J. Wood
Microrobotics Laboratory
Harvard University
60 Oxford Street #407
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

Now to get it to fly right. Scientists are discovering the properties of the device that I assume will be put towards creating a brain for the micro robot.

This could be the hard part. :)


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