Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Government is CSIS working for again... ?

This morning CBC is reporting that - on the eve of the G20 Summit in Toronto - the head of the The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Richard Fadden is saying that several Canadian Politicians, who are Chinese by ancestry, are unduly influenced by a foreign government.
"We're in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there's some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries,"

The National Post reports some observers, namely Wesley Wark, history professor from the University of Toronto thinks this is intended to distract us from the expenditures on security for this event.
“What on Earth is the CSIS director doing making this public? Why is he coming forward with this information?”

CTV reports, "G8, G20 summit costs climb, surpass $1 billion". Liberal MP Mark Holland calls it "the most expensive 72 hours in Canadian history."

It's seems likely this is a distraction, but the buttons these bastards are pushing to do it shows a lack of common sense, aplomb or moral centred-ness. Including in this spin a reference to this counties use of internment camps during the second world war is insensitive to say the least. Is the CISI director suggesting they may send the troops now amassed around Rogers Centre the short march up Spadina to China Town and arrest every one?!

During the second world war those of Japanese dissent were rounded up just like that and sent to concentration camps in the interior of British Columbia and camps in Northern Ontario for the duration - and their property stolen.

But lets get back to what I wanted to talk about here.

Who are these CISI guys working for anyways - the United States? There's plenty of connection between our two countries spy agencies, and sometimes it's hard to tell who's foreign policy this CSIS is working in support of.

It makes one wonder again, when on the eve of an economic summit where trade in the Trillions of dollars is to be discussed, why the head of the CSIS is under cutting our position in those talks with inferences to the effect that some people in that group of negotiators may be working for the Chinese government?

Heads should roll, budgets cut, departments closed.

It's about time anyways (re: Air India debacle). The RCMP made the bomb that blew up the Air India plane and CISI helped; and covered up their meddling role, designed to under cut their rival, the RCMP's domestic terrorism portfolio).

There I said it, no one else will.

Picture of Helicopters landing on the golf driving range, just west of Spadina Avenue courtesy



  1. Hello Editor,

    Please check this article.

    In late June 2010, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Secretary Fadden (Richard Fadden) public disclosure of the foreign penetration of the fact that Canadian government officials, singling out China in political and civil cause severe shock. Members of Parliament Calgary West Rob Anders ‧ (Rob Anders) said: Fadden disclosed, but fur, the Chinese Communists to win over and influence the political leaders of the various tricks of Canada full of tricks, never stopped.

    Calgary, Canada MPs Rob Anders •

    Anders was elected in 1997 at the age of 25 Members of Parliament of Canada is Canada's history, one of the youngest members of Congress. In the past 13 years, he witnessed and experienced the CCP has all the means to buy politicians. He said Fadden said surprised him because "it is too light, but go beyond that, just scratching the surface."

    Cardinal vices turns on stage entourage families are left off

    Anders said that the attitude of the CCP in accordance with their political leaders are divided into three blocks: support for the Chinese Communists against the Chinese Communists and the centrist. Supporters such as the foregone conclusion, do not worry about, opponents, China adopts a very clever strategy to win over.

    Example, he himself said: "First they dropped the first piece of bait ─ ─ commercial contract, if you unmoved, they then put a second bait ─ ─ youthful beauty, if you did not fall enough, they try alcohol or other. If you can not succeed, they will transform more complex strategies, from the ideological approach you. They would say, Oh, you are against totalitarianism, we are opposed to, perhaps you can help us, please tell us who detest the authoritarian name of the person and the situation ... ... all of these tricks are on me displaying the CPC had. "

    He said that the Chinese Communists try to win over the most important thing is not clear that middle position: "Chinese Communist tricks often work on them, or you have a trip to China. This reality is so very sad."

    Communist China not only to win over incumbent officials, including ministers, Chairman of the Committee, general members, even the politicians supporting the staff were not safe.

    Anders said: "I know the staff of Office of the Minister to China, without exception, struck up a conversation with a girl up, looking for fun right? Would be willing to eat a dinner? To sing karaoke OK, right? Was drinking play, and then as a chain reaction as a ring set part of it happened. they put you video, then at the right time Nazhu video to find you, sorry, you were in China when the video. Do you know Well, We are friends right, do not want to see this video hinder your future. Therefore, the video returned to you, but we can not guarantee there any other copy. You understand that we are friends right, so I helped you a busy, you should say something is not it? "

  2. Her's the correct URL to the English translation by Falon Dafa - (

    Which is the "Falun Gong" tribune.(Wikipedia)

    Seems to me that if China is trying to do business here these things are bound to happen - especially with so many of our politicians out for power, rather than an ideal.

  3. Foreign agents of influence direct too much of our national policy. We need more brave and bold Canadians to stand and speak. Four million adult Canadians who use marijuana and don't see a strong need to go into Harpers' prisons also question Liberal wisdom on the subject of marijuana and hold their breath. The Northern quest for logic continues while the violence of incarceration creates cash for foreign agents of influence. Such agents of course have already been publicly declared by Conservative Member of Parliament Rob Anders regarding foreign junkets and the honourable Richard Fadden. This ideology combined with Prohibition cash remains obvious even without the finger pointing. You Pal, Spanner McNeil

  4. Thanks for your take Spanner.

    I agree.

    The USA's "war on _______" allows them to project power and influence north - and globally.

    As we know from Vietnam's "Air America" operation, Black Operations are running the show; and these people specialize in destabilizing and over throwing foreign governments.

    Perhaps U.S. Black Operations should be the Harper governments main focus. But then, that would point attention more directly at themselve - rather than the Liberal or NDP elected representatives who may be taking bribes in the course of doing business with China - because that's been proven to be an effective way in. As long as these attempted bribes are noted and reported, I don't thinks there's a problem.

    A little history of trade with China would be useful here. The British Empire used the Opium trade to conquer and hold Hong Kong through the "East India Company" which secured the market from other Empires and enabled the British to dominate trade with China - with out actually having to conquere 1 Billion Chinese.

    The Chinese have long memories, they know how the system works, we taught it to them.

    A great lesson I think, and one the Americans have learned much from.

    Wikipedia, East India Company: