Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NETGEAR on Cisco network; Authoritarian China type Government you can own today!

My connection to the internet is a wireless router through a Cisco systems network manager that manages the thing for my landlord. As part of the Cisco system a firewall is installed called NetGear. This morning I'm writing a piece on Bill C-32 the new Canadian Copyright law now before the Canadian Praliament and I found out that I cannot search for the word "Napster"!

That pissed me off, a firewall that blocks me from going out???! If this shit is allowed to spread that's the end of the open web. What's really stupid is that Napster is now owned by BestBuy. Does Staples Business Center pay NetGear to block BestBuy?

So, I wondered, what else do my corporate protectors not wish me to see? I tried Limewire, same thing, "No Limewire for you!!".

Pirate Bay? No problem! I can P2P through them. ?? Is Pirate Bay paying NetGear to f*ck Limewire?

The stupid continues.

The technology is that enterprise stuff that allows employers to spy on their employees - the landlord can grab a screen shot of my computer anytime he wants. That's not a key-logger but it's the next best worst thing.

So, I am paying my landlord to allow Cisco Systems (a big military supplier and a huge faceless corporation) to collect data about my every click on the net (and maybe every stroke, I don't know).

Modern World, security is a fallacy. You are not secure. You are in grave danger every minute of your life - you're going to die. I'm sorry, it's true. You can't prevent file sharing, you can't cure cancer, and you can't stop terrorist nut jobs.

Go buy some soap, modern world, and wash your messy brain up - that will be more effective than all this Fear and Loathing.

(Of note here, my rant is spurred partly by the G8/G20 Summit that is in town right now, there are cops and copters everywhere.)

Time to get my own connection to the internet I guess. :)


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