Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquake in Toronto June 23, 2010 Videos

I've been going through all the videos people are posting on Youtube about the Earthquake in Toronto June 23, 2010 (those are the keywords,) and nobody got to their cameras in time to get the shaking, but this guy is obviously on line right away afterwards.

"The Peej" is on Facebook and Twitter as it happens and he says they both, "light up while my building is still shaking!" And... he's got great video presence - this is a good one.

"Earthquake in Toronto!" He-he.

This is the press conference in Ottawa everyone has probably already seen, a little shaking and everyone runs out of the room except the guy giving the press conference, he calmly (a little TOO calmly - he's on camera, and he's a politician), gathers up his papers and heads out after everyone else has deserted him.

This one gets third place, it's not the actual earthquake but a damn funny re-enactment.



  1. Hey Sweet! Thanks for posting Dude! Much appreciated :^)

  2. Your welcome Sir,

    I think you've got a future in media Dude!