Sunday, June 27, 2010

CBC brilliant new media reporting at the G20 Summit protests

CBC is doing some neat stuff with social media around the G8/G20 protests.

In Twitter they've got a #cbcg20 tag going.

CBC reporters are using the list tag to report the protests from the street. Editors could use the list to plan where to target their resources in real time (don't know that they're doing that but it seems like a logical next step).

It's a great public news feed for real time news, but also people reporting on the Summit Protests can source facts and confirm or discredit rumors using the feed. It makes their jobs easier to do and the job easier to perform, Might led to better, quicker reporting in the future, a positive development in resource short publishing industry.

On the they've created a team of "Street Level" bloggers writing and posting in real time to a dedicated page that takes an RSS feed of the headline and the first 25 words. Each abbreviated post then is linked to the CBC "Street Level" bloggers own blog.

See "Recently by G20 Street Team", the StreetBloggers Home Page.

From the list of CBC reporters working the Summit.
fim-fox-52.jpgKim Fox is a CBC News senior producer of social media, aiding in the development and execution of social media, community management and user engagement strategies. Before joining CBC, Kim worked and consulted as a multi-platform producer for many media companies including Maclean's, Canadian Business, Second City, Sirius, MTV, Fox, Sony, and Clear Channel.
Looks like it's Kim Fox's genius that I'm talking about here. Nice!

It's not the messengers fault but this is apparently the image that is being used around the world of front pages and top stories on the Canadian Labor Congress's (CLC) "People First, We Deserve Better! demonstration yesterday, The Black Bloc (anarchists) have again taken attention away from the majority and what they're trying to say and focus it in a small group of about 300 who feel a need to bang they're heads against the fence the government has built for them. :)

The CLC will have to reconsider their participation in future Anti-Summit protests. The low turn out for the main march and the fact the the CLC's main message is lost in all the spectacle - that corporate media are eating up.

In an article I published in tandem with this one, entitled, "What lessons can the Toronto G8/G20 "People first! We deserve better!" experience teach us?" I opine that for the sake of unity the "People First" movement must put new special emphasis on developing Gandhi-esque philosophy & tactics - schools and cadre, in response to the reactionary 'Black Bloc' tactics & the military style security tactics employed at the "G Summits" - or abandon the movement, and an increasingly motivated generation of under employed activists.


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