Thursday, June 17, 2010

Foofighters, Times like These, Big Me - original videos

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Posthumous Longtail Aperitif, September 10, 2010

After some articles are put to bed at FilterBlogs they get a Posthumous Longtail Aperitif; links to related articles published after my original post.

A breakdown of "Posthumous Longtail Aperitif":

* After, after, before.
* Finished but not finished, and at the beginning.

Dailymotion took down both videos in this article, I've replaced them with the same ones now posted in Youtube. Whatever.

Thanks to Youtube user, Soveringc for posting

Thanks for the continuing bullsh*t should go to FoofightersVEVO who are the people acting for the people who own this version of the Foofighters song and video, I guess...

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Youtube doesn't have this version of the video, some sort of rights thing going on there, most of the old versions of the videos are now in the Vevo format, but this is not; this about breaking out of the box you're in - using the visual metaphor of consumerism - is the best of the lot, well maybe Big Me is as good...

First thing off the bridge: your Playstation!

Big Me - original video

What you buy is your identity, that and the things you do...

Thanks to Dailymotion user "huntylch" for posting.

Thanks to Dailymotion user "todoblanco" for posting.

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New comments on the TakeDowns, September 10,2010

Artists should not sell the rights to their songs, all videos should be produced with the understanding that the final product is owned by the band and all rights are the bands. Producers are selling you sweet sugar vanity that has no intrinsic or lasting value; in exchange they receive your soul (your music) forever.

Something wrong with that isn't there? Outta be a law... (hey that's a good line for a song about this)


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