Friday, February 18, 2011

Wiretap's "Couples"

The Story of Anne, the homeless dog.
( - will cease to exist soon)

When at age five the understanding that life entails death becomes a certainty he realizes that if his parents really loved him - they never would have had him.

"Life support machine" takes on new inflections.

What a well crafted story (life?). 

I guess if someone decided they should offer this fellow a writing job - they'd have to consider that he would probably sabotage the gig as the opportunity would entail the job ending at some point.

Perhaps a Never Ending Story rewrite?

A dread of our horrible future leads him to a fetish for an appreciation for the present. And there's a word for that, a Welsh word, "Hiraeth".

Wiretap episode "Couples".

Secrete Communist Content Portal:

Dog Love story by Scott Kravitz


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