Friday, February 18, 2011

The Real News Network on Wisconsin Protests

AFL-CIO Associate General Counsel Damon A. Silvers lays it all out rather succinctly in this interview with Paul Jay.

More at The Real News

More coverage of this budding national (hopefully international) movement - an updating Google search list: TRNN + Wisconsin + Protests.

TRNN Link list 02/18/2011:

Best of the Web: Wisconsin Videos

 Wisconsin Workers Protest Anti-Union Bill
 Wisconsin Protesters So Loud They Drowned Out FOX Reporter
Democratic Lawmakers In Wisconsin Go Into Hiding
 Wisconsin Gov. Attacks Public Employees & Unions; Threatens to Use National Guard To Quell Protests
 Unions Threatened Across US Featuring: In These Times' Mike Elk debate and Less Government's Seton Motley
 Protesters & Unions In Wisconsin Threatened With National Guard!!
 Wisconsin protests war on unions
 Budget Repair Bill Protest! Madison WI 2 15 2011 Students Arrive
 Governor Walker Discusses Budget Repair Bill with Greta Van Susteren (2.15.11)


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