Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lee Camp is Gooood - Very good

We're Losing A Game Of Solitaire! - by comedian Lee Camp

His Bio at "Lee Camp2"
"1-minute Moments of Clarity by comedian Lee Camp. Contributor to The Onion, Saboteur of Fox News, Raconteur on stage."

 See much, much more at his Youtube channel:

Like this here - an hilarious stand-up on the ironies that exist between our planet-destroying life style and our neurotic fetish for saving oil soaked birds and beached whales...

(And yes, the address is a live link --- and I see "Blogger-in-Draft" ( has enabled the idea - the idea being, these blogger address's are transparent; you can see where the link is going before you click on it. I pasted the Youtube address into the blog intending to create a link out of it - a transparent link which is the standard around here from now on - but, I didn't have to open the widget and paste in the address again - all I had to do was hit the Link button and the address went live! Thus you will soon know - as Blogger roles this feature out in the blogosphere - that every Blogger link like this is legit.)


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