Friday, February 18, 2011

Aimee Mann and Sarah Mclachlan get jobs in Portlandia and Facebook is Weird

I love longish short clips of Portlandia because I can't watch the whole show - because I don't get that channel.

From IFC:

See a longer short (?) at GawkerTV click --->!!5754009/portlandia-sorry-about-the-music-industrys-downfall-aimee-mann-and-sarah-mclachlan

The laudry scene, the shrunken sweater is about 12 inches long and the Aimee Mann domestic character says,

"I don't know how you can tell if it doesn't fit if you don't try it on."

Zing! Small. So small.

My favourite show I have never seen (I don't do cable TV).

Via Gord Cumming, via Steve Kane at Facebook, and IFC (the producers).


(Interesting, when I link Gord and Steve you can't see much on their profiles, and you can't see their content, unless you: sign up for an account; figure out which network their in; and (assuming you don't know them) 'fool' someone into friending you into that network, then 'fool' Gord or Steve into friending you . Then you can see the link to GawkerTV as it appeared a few minutes ago, there. 

Facebook is a very neurotic place - you know? Apartheid Social Networking???)



  1. is that good or bad?

  2. That was me. Gord.

  3. Just interesting.

    I wanted to credit you, and a link. A couple of days ago a friend pointed out that linking into Facebook is a waste of time because you need an account to just see a profile and be friended to see the content in question. It's ass backwards to the way the rest of the internet is evolving. But, I'm enjoying the connectivity and the ease of it, with-in the "Death Star". :)