Monday, December 6, 2010

US systematically shutting down WikiLeaks revenue vectors - here's ways around

Just in case the web site goes down again here's the WikiLeaks page that tells you how to donate: The Top option now doesn't include MasterCard credit cards (cut your MasterCard) as finance capital comes together to shut down embarrassing truths about themselves and their cronies. Visa is still available at this printing but I wouldn't trust it, one day soon they'll freeze what they have and give it to the Empire's war machine.

Wikileaks new address:

Via the WikiLeaks page,

WikiLeaks brings truth to the world by publishing fact-based stories without fear or favor.
You can help support our independent media by donating financially.

Our organisation exists because of the work of many volunteers who have contributed many hours to building WikiLeaks from the ground up. But we still need donations to pay for computers, expert programmers and other bills.

There are four ways to donate:
1. By Credit Card
2. Bank Transfer to Germany
3. Bank Transfer to Iceland
4. Snail Mail (old fashioned postal mail)

Donations to the Wau Holland Stiftung Bank informations:
Commerzbank Kassel,
bank number (BLZ) 52040021,
Account number (Konto) 277281204
(or you can use IBAN: DE46520400210277281204, BIC: COBADEFF520)

Sunshine Press Productions ehf
Skulagata 19, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
Landsbanki Islands Account number 0111-26-611010
ACCOUNT/IBAN:IS97 0111 2661 1010 6110 1002 80

Wau Holland Stiftung
Bank Account: 2772812-04
IBAN: DE46 5204 0021 0277 2812 04
Bank: Commerzbank Kassel
German BLZ: 52040021
Subject: WIKILEAKS / WHS Projekt 04


C/NET News: "MasterCard pulls plug on WikiLeaks payments"

I missed this - back on September 14 2010, "Counter Punch" found the connection I'd been expecting we'd find, between the spurious Swedish rape case and the CIA: (


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