Saturday, December 4, 2010

A New England down for the count - needs help

I don't usually do this here at FilterBlogs - re-publish the tops of articles researched, written and posted by others elsewhere - I'm not SEO-ing traffic here, I'm just trying to save New England (reference Kirsty MacColl With Billy Bragg), but this is a special occasion.

A "multiple distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack" has shut down Wikileaks starting address. So towards open government, and an open web, I reprint the top of this reprint from the BBC...

..and yes, that is the new web address right there at the top of the story. I've changed my bookmark...

Cyber Attack Forces Wikileaks to Change Web Address

'Free speech has a number:'

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has been forced to change its web address after the company providing its domain name cut off service.
[] said it had terminated services because had come under massive cyber attacks. But Wikileaks has already reappeared using a Swiss web address.
Wikileaks has also used micro-blogging site Twitter to urge its fans to redistribute its "raw" net address so it can be viewed at any time.
This numerical internet protocol (IP) address remains live and accessible even when web domains - the normal "www" addresses used to access most sites - are unavailable.
Experts say it is likely that Wikileaks has done deals with lots of web hosting companies, although many are likely to back away from dealing with the controversial site in the light of recent web attacks.
There is also a published list of mirror sites, which Wikileaks hopes will provide constant access to the site.
Some of these sites have simply copied Wikileaks' content and put it on a different web server, while others are using different domain names to point at the original content.
The more of these sites there are, the more difficult it will be to shut Wikileaks down, security analyst Paul Mutton told the BBC.
In France, the industry minister Eric Besson has called for a ban of Wikileaks on French servers.

One of the mirror sites,, is currently hosted on servers in France.

DowntimeIn a post on Twitter, Wikileaks acknowledged that its domain had been "killed" by"

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