Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Decline and Fall of the Great United States of America

The Bush Tax cuts for the rich will be renewed under an Obama-Republican deal worked out this week.

Although the very insulated representatives in their ivory towers in Washington are probably not aware of it, this bill declares 'Let them eat cake'. Greed that to the voters must look like class war - by the extremely rich and powerful upon the poor and the middle class - at a moment when they can least tolerate further injustice.

I like the way Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says it in two syllable words and without economist-speak or politico-speak. He's not talking to the Senate, or the lobbyists, or the national media --- he's talking to the people.

In plain English - and in living colour - The End of the Republic:

"Sen Bernie Sanders Amazing Speech!" Via Youtube Channel "InternetSpanker"

Via CommonDreams.org: "Senator Bernie Sanders: Obama's Tax Deal is a 'Moral Outrage'"


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