Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twitter Rolls out Geo-location Tag that Connects to Google Maps


Twitter has a geo-location tag (see the tiny blue icon after 'downtown'). It pop-ups a Google Map that shows where you tweeted your tweet from!

@netik (John Adams), Twitter's tech trouble shooter, is in Austin Texas at #sxsw having BBQ and regretting it. Meanwhile, I'm stabbing Steve Paikin's brain @tvo with a funny quip.

Location comes to the desktop PC.

Note the gremlin showing 'about 1 hour ago', should read, 'about 1 minute ago'.

A quick Google of my headline gets exact headlines from several places (here, here) starting March 10, 2010.

Using a 'Tour Du France' allusion: I'm not in the lead group of 7 or so riders; but I'm right behind, in that first mass of 150 riders (multiply by 10,000 and that's a pretty accurate number of W3 developers).

Now with Twitter geo-location I can see where they are... . :)


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