Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toronto: Greenwood and Dundas St. East to King St. West and Spadina

The Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki Project

(Click on the map to go to the original Sport Distance Calculator map.)

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Cyclists who want to make their own map:

* Go to Sport Distance Calculator, make a map of your favourite route… (save is above the map)
* Then post the URL of the map in Twitter (there's a button for that), and add #BikeRouteWiki to the end of your Tweet

I will monitor the Twitter list – when a new map comes in I will take a picture of it to use as thumbnail and publish it HERE and in FilterBlogs – with a link back to the original Sport Distance Calculator user generated map. The original map is secured with a pass word and only the creator can make changes to it.

(If you do change your map – please re-post in the Twitter list – so I’ll be aware of it – changes may effect the search label it gets.)

All Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki Project maps are posted in Twitter at List: '#BikeRouteWiki'.


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