Monday, March 29, 2010

The Singularity is here, Now.

When I first heard about the term The Singularity...

When Humans Transcend Biology
By Ray Kurzweil, Viking Press (1999) 2005 I thought of it as being something that would happen in the 2020's or so.

On further investigation, The Singularity is here, Now.

In the following video, about 4/5 of the way through, an ominous factoid; the mass of technical information is doubling every four years.

The mass of information in a particular discipline that a student begins to study in their first year of University will have already doubled by the time they get their 'masters' degree.

The way Ray Kurzweil lays it out the singularity happens when knowledge renews itself before it renews itself again. An ever increasing exponential growth of knowledge.

Of coarse the human factor is the kicker here; the amount of information we can ingest will regulate how much effort or resources we put into producing more.

Thus one could think of this moment as a place where we stop the process, a new dark age begins where what we've learned is enough, and no further questions are asked - or permitted...

Thanks: Don Tapscott ---> Jenna Weir, and Twitter.


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