Sunday, March 7, 2010

This Week on "A Translation of WireTap with host Jonathan Goldstein"

Or, how to 'long tail' a phone conversation you're eavesdropping on but can't hang up the receiver because they'd hear the click and find out.

Podcast of the March 6th 2010 show, "My Imposter"

On the previous episode of This Week on A Translation of WireTap with host Jonathan Goldstein I experienced the glow of deceitful pretense, usurping WireTap's search traffic by tapeworming myself between listeners of the CBC podcast and the show. I cloaked my ambition with the pretense of a guerrilla action in support of the Open-Web; claiming I was "adding a layer" to the "experience" of listening to the radio.

(I even went so far as to take the trouble to hack a player and mp3 feed from WireTap's website.)

Now, this week on A Translation of WireTap with host Jonathan Goldstein, I find out that for more than a year, the evil blogger Ben Dugas has been greedily immersing himself in the experience of actually being Jonathan Goldstein by impersonating him on Twitter! AND... Goldstein actually has a conversation with the Prick on the show!

Well that's the last time I'll spend a Saturday afternoon after the 1:30 PM CBC Radio One airing of WireTap composing link bait literary criticism towards the public good!

That's for sure.

(translations may vary according to province)

Image of Jonathan Goldstein, courtesy 'The Romantic' Blog.

Feed courtesy of CBC Radio One.

Player from "How to Embed MP3 Audio Files In Web Pages With Google or Yahoo! Flash Player" which features an embed for Google's Google Reader mp3 player (Google has an mp3 player in Google Reader??).

Thanks to for the player.


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