Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seesmic buys Ping.fm and Promises an UberApp that Updates 'Fifty Sites at Once'

Today I sent this gmail to a friend I hadn't seen on the Internet in a while. It made me realise how much time I'm spending on pooling, producing, and disseminating my content threads:

Yes I finally got Cool and got a gmail account. It's much better/easier to use than the older ones. We can chat I see. Also I switched all my web presence from hotmail over to gmail.

So you can check my Profile in Google and click trough to:
---> my blogs (9),

But not Twitter:
facebook me is here.

Ya, so, thats me on the web.

Get back to me through your gmail please, so I can have that.


Then I checked my Inbox and saw that the task will be a lot simpler soon.

(Image of Seesmic s' email produced by my "ScreenPrint32" Application)

Soon Seesmic will bring an Application to the internet that unites it's Twitter only functionality with all other social networking platforms and tools such as "email, chat, sms, Blackberry, Android, web, Windows, OSX and much more soon." See the announcement, Youtube Video "We've acquired Ping.fm. Get ready to update 50 social networks from Seesmic"

In my words Seesmic is building an UberApp that will allow me to update my publishing activities in several different places, all at the same time if I so choose. Right now I do that in one place only from Twitter through RSS feed to facebook.

GigaOm s' Liz Gannes calls it a "Grand Central Station for social network updates".

Trying to unite all my information using Google Profile hasn't worked as well as I had hoped. I still have to use my three email accounts to dig out comments I've made here and there, check correspondences from family, friends and business, check on blog comment replies. And Twitter is a whole other universe of applications that I have to check separately.

All this maintenance of my blog publishing concern is taking too much time away from writing and research, which is what all this is supposed to be about!

Right now I use Seesmic as a place to catch up on my Twitter time line. With columns labelled 'Time Line', 'Mentions', 'Lists' and many more, I can see - in one place and in real time - what's happening in Twitter with regards to my presence there ( #FilterBlogs, @m_holloway, #m_hollowayDJ, #BBBA, #LeftFilm,).

Hopefully Seesmic s' new functionality will include Youtube which has been left out of the social networking explosion. Seesmic started as a video sharing 'Twitter', but has been de-emphasizing video since the summer (2009) as they realized the 'Youtube' market wasn't growing. (See GigaOm s' NewTeeVee column by Liz Gannes from June 2009) That's when they began focusing on Twitter usability - as such - they have the technology to efficiently parse video content in this new UberApp. I hope Seesmic s' CEO Loic Le Meur puts a lot of thought into the possibility of including a Youtube usability in to this new thing even if it is included at a later date. Unfortunately what still holds the video market back is the Internet s' infrastructure, which is unable to deliver a high enough bit rates to make video sharing as big, and as instant as Twitter - which is essentially short bursts of conversation, observation, information with links. This future vista includes video phones and mobile media yet to be envisioned.

What I 'really, really want' though, is an all-in-one-place where I can check and see if all my different addresses have gotten a 'ping'. and respond to them one at a time or all at once.

Google Wave (Developers Google Video 1:20:12) seems to be far along that road but Seesmic I think, is right there too.


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