Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fake 'Yahoo Verification Service', is a Phishing Scam

FYI: Fake Yahoo Email

Whoa! This phishing scam almost got me this morning. Entitled "Yahoo Verification Service" with good spelling, (one typo, no space after a comma) links that go to addresses that look like Yahoo addresses; Yikes!

The thing that saved me from a possible Trojan, Malware or Key Logger was the phrase "..removal of all inactive accounts...". My account has been busier than usual as I build my Twitter Community and facebook Blogger updates.

At "The Webs Dedicated Anti-Phishing Service" (which has been around since 2003), they told me this scam was first reported to them in June 2009. I'm sending them the poison email, as they requested, to update their data base.


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