Saturday, January 16, 2010

Re-Tweeting a facebook Post

I've been trying to find a way to "Retweet" a facebook post, back up to the top my "Wall" timeline in facebook. This is step two in the process of retweeting a facebook post. Fist I went to facebook found the post and used my onboard SceenPrint32 application to take a picture.

Now I copy the URL of this blog post and take it to facebook and paste it in the link function. This picture will appear in a thumbnail in my facebook timeline and the whole blog will post in facebook on a page called a "note".

Facebook is really tacky in quite a few ways. It's like they just stopped working on it in about 2007. It's so confusing in there. I guess the software must be a spaghetti - adjust one thing and ten processes come unravelled.

It will die soon if you go to Ning for example, which is much more flexible and fast. Ning has all the widgets and chat. Still learning it but I like it so far.

Ning's name sucks, but it's friendly inside.


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