Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm a Weinner! In The New Yorker Cartoon Kit Contest

In December I entered two paste-ups in The New Yorker online magazine user-generated-content cartoon thingy called The Cartoon Kit.

These two contributions are me discovering you can 'stretch' the icons, as well as place them where you want them on the backdrop. I used the one on the right in an earlier blog titled "I'm a Cartoonist! Sort of..."

The other day the editors of The New Yorker magazine sent me a note informing me my entry (on the left) had been selected from 2,983 entries to be one of five in the Winners Slide Show!

To immortalize this august day in art history I took a picture - of me.

I do make people laugh in real life, it's just that, I'm never really sure why. :-)


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