Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Twitter embed example - #BikeMonthTO

How to make a updating Twitter embed that lists all Tweets that include a hashtag of your choosing:
  • Sign into your Twitter account; at the top of the page, click on the gear icon;
  • Click and chose 'Settings'; 
  • Then in the list on the left choose 'Widgets'; 
  • Now a page with some tabs across the top will appear.
  • For a updating hashtag list, click on the 'Search' tab; 
  • Add your hashtag (like ‪#BikeMonthTO) in the box where they provide an example;
  • Adjust the 'Height' and 'Link color';
  • Click 'Create'; 
  • Copy the code offered at the bottom of the page and;
  • Embed it in 'widget container' on your blog or website.
Here's a test embed that shows every Tweet that includes "#BikeMonthTO":

(you don't have to set 'width' - the embed adjusts itself according to the width of the container it is placed in.)


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