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"Third Force" behind #Kyiv Maidan Sniper shootings Feb 19-20 - events that precipitated #Ukraine #Fascist Revolution

 All progressives must rally for Peace.

- Yanukovych Feb 19-20 Repression at Maidan, Order of the battle; Right Sector leads revolutionary occupations of Regional Authorities;
 - In Kyiv: Svoboda holds session of Parliament as Party of Regions members flee Kyiv as Police administration collapses;
 - Svoboda Parliament Feb 22 throws out Yanukovych Constitution, reconstitutes State, issues arrest warrant for President, declares Russian language not official, considers ban on Communist Party, Yanukovych's Party of Regions;
 - Neo-nazi group C18, attack Kyiv Communist Party Offices, occupy them.

During the days after the Viktor Yusenko ordered clearing of the Maidan that started on the evening of February 19th and which resulted in 125 deaths of strangely nearly equal numbers of police and protestors - I began to compile evidence of what I thought were important events in a chaotic situation - which appeared to me then to be not just the resignation of the government - but an overthrow of the State in Ukraine.

Order of Battle:

1) 8pm - Feb 19, 2014 - Maidan Attacked by a coordinated assault by Police working closely with all levels of Government (Streets Closed, Subways didn't stop at Maidan subway).

2) Evidence those occupying Maidan were very well organized:
The initial police tactic - simultaneously advance on the Trade Union Building (Occupied by the elite Maidan defense forces lead by 'Right Sector') - and at the same time Police began a slow march into the tent city portion of the square using a barrage of water cannon and gas.
In response the Trade Union building was set on fire as the Right Sector retreated from the building. At the same time in the Maidan Tent City, Right Sector set the tent city on fire and retreated behind it. The tent city acted as a barricade to stop the police advance. Protestors added tires and Molitof's onto the fire to prevent water cannon and fire crews for extinguishing the flames - stopping the Police advance.

3) I extrapolate (by what I know happened next) that an outside force was introduced in the mayhem at Maidan that night - there was to be slaughter at Maidan that night, no matter what the Government tactics were - so as to facilitate the seizing of Regional Government Buildings all around Kyiv - to the east and south of Kyiv (as far into the Party of Regions Provinces as possible - the western Ukraine Government buildings had mostly all been seized by Right Sector and other neo-nazi groups the week before).


Today a leaked phone call from the Estonian Ambassador to the Estonia President was leaked - the Ambassador tells her that he talked to doctors on the scene at Maidan on the bloody day - Feb 19-20. He said the chief of Maidan Doctor Corps. told him that from pictures she had seen of dead Police Officers and the wounds she noted on shot Protestors that she treated - both were shot by the same bullets (I'm assuming hollow point assassination bullets), and in the same manner of shooting - to the head in the eye in the base of the neck - in short, she thought those killed that day (both Police and Protesters) were shot by the same snipers.


The news of the massacre at Maidan the next day - caused the Police to defect from their posts, and I expect caused the army to split at the same time (evidenced by the defection of army and navy elements since Russia landed troops to protect Black Sea coast positions that are tactical to securing their navel base and airport on Crimea 3 days later)  - the with news from someone in the anti-Party of Nations, Union Coalition that that Parliament had been suspended, plus the roaming gangs of violent thugs beating everyone they came across plus the coordinated seizure of all government buildings caused a defacto collapse of the Government. Then Slovida called a rump Parliamentary Session with almost all the Party of Regions members had left Kyiv - and struck down Viktor Yancovich's constitutional changes made in 2010 and thus dismantled the State with a Parliamentey vote in a rump Parliament.


On Feb 20 - the day of the sniper shootings, the Right Sector used the news of deaths coming out of Kyiv to lead angry pro-democracy demonstrators in occupations of Regional Government buildings wherever they could - this resulted in the collapse of not just the Government - but the Ukrainian State.
In Kyiv Svoboda (the fascist Party in the anti Yanchovich group) used the killings on the Maidan - with Party of Regions members defecting to the Unity Coalition and others fleeing the city under threats of murder - to hold a 'rump' Parliamentary session.
In this rump session they threw out the Yanchovich Constitution (which had a super strong presidency at it's core), banned the Russian Language and out-lawed the Communist party - essentially tipping any new session of Parliament in the Unity Coalition's favour.
What this new government and new State represents can be seen in how many, and what, government posts that the fascist Svoboda Party members got as the State reconstituted: - March 9, 2014 | What's really at stake in Ukraine | by Murray Dobbin |

Among the members of Svoboda in the cabinet are, according to Raimondo:

"*Andriy Parubiy -- National Security Council chief, and co-founder of the party when it was called (not so subtly) the "Social-National Party."

* Oleh Makhnitsky -- Svoboda member of parliament, is prosecutor-general.

* Andriy Moknyk -- the new Minister of Ecology, has been Svoboda's envoy to other European fascist parties. Last year, he met with representatives of Italy's violent neo-fascist gang, Forza Nuovo.

* Ihor Tenyukh -- interim defense minister and a member of Svoboda's political council. Formerly commander of Ukraine's navy, in 2008, during Russia's war with Georgia, he ordered Ukrainian warships to block the entrance of the Russian Navy to the bay of Sevastopol."

Wikipedia | Cabinet of Ukraine - #Cabinet |
(Retrieved 2014-03-10 - 1:30am est)


Anton Shekhovtsov was arguing the State Departmen position, others were confused about the sniper report on Thursday thinking the Maidan fired on their own people, and the police for some unknown reason - Anton Shekhovtsov comment on Friday March 7th reflects my thinking and what I wrote above - writing days before - the key words are "Third Force".

And we all know who the third force in Kyiv is - the US Embassy, the CIA and US Special Operations.

And that Svoboda (and their military wing Pravy Sektor) was ready (previous week they had greened leaders in taking over Western Provincial Rada) - and executed take-overs of Regional Government apparatus - ***as the sniper fire was happening*** - all over the proximate Kyiv Provinces and as far east and south as they could muster forces for.

For the timing of events on Feb 19-20 see Wikipedia linked  - note Feb 20 (I have a screen print of the page as it appeared on Feb 25 which I publish here as well - but the page has not been altered in the interim):

Wikipedia | 2014 Ukrainian Regional State Administration occupations |

Understanding this series of events we then understand that the US was using troops on the ground, in the name of fascist Pravy Sektor to execute a well timed and provocated coup d'tat.

A look at the previously progressive - or at least 'truth searching' Twitter list #Ukraine - today shows a massive onslot of pro-US Empire Tweets. The Empire is in full blown propaganda and disimformation mode as we speak. The same was true at Twitter list #Euromaidan the weeks before.

Un-like Georgia, where the fascists were hurled back easily by Russian troops - in this case the Kyiv government can be supported with troops through new NATO member countries on the Western boarder.

With unconfirmed reporting of Blackwater Fascist Ukraine hired US military forces on the streets in the Eastern Ukraine Industrial city of Donetsk - expect a shooting war in Ukraine between US Mercenaries and Russian troops sooner rather than later - if this report is true. 
(It looks a little if-y. But it could be a faint to get an advance north by the Russians - an attempt by the US to choose the site of the first battle ... of World War 3).

Charles Shoebridge is a Soldier and Intelligence officer, and a progressive:

Written Feb 25 to March 9th 2014


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