Sunday, October 17, 2010

You can't do that in Football !!!

Just like everyone else I used to play English football when I was a kid. I was really good at high school soccer because when I wasn't playing soccer I was running long distance; and if there's anything better suited for soccer than runner forever, I don't know what that is.

I scored one goal in my career as a striker on the high school team, a rebound came to me on the goal line, I almost missed kicking the bloody ball! But in it went.

Anyways, here's something you can't do with a soccer ball, at least I didn't think you could.

From 49 yards 18 inches away...

You can't do that!!

Oh, I guess you can.

Reminds me of the time I saw a kid in junior hockey do that dip and scoop thing where you pick the puck up with the blade of your stick. A star player was behind the other teams net, in Gretsky's office as they say, looking for a passing lane with time winding down in a tie game. The defense were doing a great job marking their man - so he dipped and scooped, onto the blade of his stick went the puck, and in one smooth motion, before the goalie knew what was happening, he reached around the side of the goal and threw it in the net! The goal counted and the team won the game!

Couldn't find a picture or a story on it... here's the best I could do, from a message board... HFBoards

"There was a clip floating around here a year or so ago from juniors. Kid was behind the net with the puck, picked it up on the end of his stick and reached around putting it into the net. A lot of people thought it was a dirty or questionable play, but a goal is a goal."

Video via MacLeod Cartoons.


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